The Essence of Sanjeevini Healing
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The Sanjeevinis provide an effective and inexpensive way of doing selfless service to the community we live in, as well as to the communities of our underprivileged brethren in cities and villages. The Section Healing with the SSS healing frgarances offers some insights into different ways  community service is being done with the Sanjeevinis.

Always begin your healing work with a prayer/chanting/meditation to connect with the Divine Healer - the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Lord. Thy Will be done – this attitude of mind allows the healer to spontaneously remember that it is not his/her little ego, but the Divine power that is healing. Indeed this attitude or bhava has been the sum and substance of the spirit in which the Sanjeevinis have been prepared. ‘Love all, serve all, help ever, hurt never’ has been the mantra which has continuously nourished this attitude. It is this feeling of selfless love and service which is motivating people all over the world to serve selflessly and to share knowledge of Sanjeevini healing with others.

Each Sanjeevini has a prayer for inner guidance for the patient (and for whoever is looking after the patient at home or at the hospital) on what is the correct diet and lifestyle that would help the healing process. However, it would be helpful for everyone to be aware of the kind of diet and lifestyle that promotes health and healing and, equally important, to know of the damaging effects of certain kinds of food and way of life.

When a patient walks in remember it is only God in disguise. He has come to give us an opportunity to serve Him. There is divinity in the healer too which is reaching out to lovingly serve the divine in the patient  The Sanjeevinis that the healer gives to the patient also have the divine healing energy of prayers. When the three "forms" come together in a true spirit of surrender - harmony will begin to flow.

When seva (service) is offered in this spirit, every act we perform picks up the "healing fragrances" from the Lord's Lotus Feet - every act is then rendered holy, and harmony flows. Healing is just this - restoring harmony. We don't do it - the Lord does.

What is the reward for the seva (service) that we render with selfless love?

Self satisfaction, peace, contentment, fulfillment and bliss through a deeper understanding and experience of the divine within and all around us.

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