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     Broadcasting Function of The Multiplication & Broadcasting Card
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The basic instructions for charging a medium with the Sanjeevini vibrations to create your Sanjeevini remedy are very simple.


Step 1Note down the problems/symptoms of the patient for which the Sanjeevini remedy has to be prepared, preferably in the Patient Record Book.


Step 2– Determine the relevant Body Part Sanjeevinis and the relevant Disease Sanjeevinis for the patient, by going through the respective lists and note these down in the Patient Details & Sanjeevini Selection Worksheet.


Step 3 - Choose the medium – if it is a liquid or solid item to be ingested – it should be placed in a container.Now that your medium is in a container, open to the page in the book (or the printout of the Sanjeevini Cards taken from this website) of any one of the Sanjeevini patterns you have chosen.  Please refer to Exhibit below.


Step 4 -Place your medium (i.e. the container with your medium) on the circle of the printed Sanjeevini pattern in the book or on a printout from the website. Please see Exhibit below.

Leave it there for 15 seconds or more.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                     charging pills in bottle with card in  a book                                    


Charging Homeo globules in a bottle from                                              Charging Water  in a glass from

 a Sanjeevini healing card in book                                                         a Sanjeevini healing Card in  book




    Charging Homeo globules in a bottle from                       Charging Water in a dropper bottle from

     a printout of a Sanjeevini healing card                            a printout of a Sanjeevini healing card         


Charging a medium with the healing vibrations of a Sanjeevini  Card


Step 5 -During those 15 seconds or more, you can close your eyes and say a prayer. You can say any prayer or any affirmation from any faith, or even just be in silence. You can repeat a mantra. Allow your mind to be in complete surrender to God, the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent Healer. as you pray for the miracle of His healing love & grace for the patient(s) well being.  This is a very important part of healing and should be done with immense sincerity.


Step 6 -After 15 seconds or more, you may remove the medium from the pattern. Your medium is now charged with the Sanjeevini vibration of the pattern you had chosen.


Step 7 -This charged medium can now be charged with the next relevant Sanjeevini pattern you have chosen, by placing it on the relevant pattern and repeating the above procedure  from step 4 to step 6


In this way, this medium can be charged with one or several Sanjeevinis, thus creating your Sanjeevini remedy that is ready for the patient.


For a detailed explanation with examples and illustrations of how to prepare Sanjeevini remedies please go to   the link below:


A few examples of preparing a Sanjeevini remedy


For more details and natural questions that might arise on how to prepare a remedy, please go to the link below:


FAQs on preparing a Sanjeevini remedy


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