on the use of the Multiplication Function of The M&B card

Container mismatch?

The container holding your sample and the container holding your fresh supply do not have to be the same size/shape/color. There is no relation between them, other than the transfer of vibrations.

 Medium mismatch?

You may have a sample in the medium of sugar globules. And you may want to transfer its vibrations to a fresh supply in the form of a glass of water. This is perfectly alright. The sample and the fresh supply do not need to be of the same medium.



                            Charging water in a glass from a                           Charging pills in a large container
                                         sample of vibhuti  
                                            from Vibhuti in a small bottle                         


                                                                             Charging water in a large bootle
                                                                                     from a sample of vibhuti

More than half a minute?

Half a minute is the minimum time required to transfer the Sanjeevini vibrations from your sample, to your fresh supply. There is no maximum time limit…you may exceed half a minute for as long as you wish.

Be confident whilst using the Sanjeevinis

It is not complicated to use the Sanjeevinis. They are very simple to use – so simple that a ten-year old child can work with them easily. Allow this simplicity to work for you…there is no need to bring complexities into the preparation process by wondering “should I lift up the sample bottle first, and then the output bottle, or should I do it the other way round?” It doesn’t matter. When working with prayers, your surrender to the Divine, the purity of your intention, and your sense of compassion – these are the only things that matter.

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