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"Prayers can move mountains" is a teaching which is common to all religions. Saints, sages and seers have boldly made this assertion since aeons - but how many of us truly believe it? If prayers are sincere and built on faith, mountains DO move. This has been our experience at the Sai Sanjeevini Foundation.


A fervent and ardent prayer went out from us to the Lord seeking a way of healing naturally, simply, effectively, inexpensively, quickly - a very big mountain - we might say!


But the mountain moved! Sai the Ever Compassionate Divine Mother answered our prayer by revealing the knowledge of the Sanjeevinis.

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Can I learn the Healing
System on my own?

Yes indeed. Many people across the world have learnt the system from the book A Healer’s Guide by downloading...                                                                                             Read more

Healers Speak...

"Thank you so much for the book and your love and best wishes. The book is a blessing to mankind. I am using it with great joy and thankfulness. It is of special importance to me as I often wish to send healing to friends in need in distance places and I hear of wonder-ful healing taking place."        Read more

Healing Prayers

BPS 22 Heart Sanjeevini

To invigorate the heart and to heal all symptoms and causes of heart related conditions like Angina, Arteriosclerosis, Hypertension and Palpitations.

Latest Updated Edition of A Healer's Guide

This edition of A Healer's Guide has the Tutorial built into it. It is a complete Guide for gaining an in depth understanding of the Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini healing system, and for acquiring the proficiency to work with it with clarity, confidence and compassion.

To  know details for ordering a copy of the latest 2017 edition,  please click here

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Thought for the Week


"Do not believe that you can by means of service reform or reshape the world.


You may or may not; that does not matter.


The real value of service, its most visible result, is that it reforms you, reshapes you.


Do service as a spiritual discipline; then you will be humble and happy."


Sathya Sai Baba


Healer's Experiences


"I am a sceptic, so I decided to try this simple healing system for myself. I was very surprised that the method worked so well, also with animals, who can not “fake” the outcome. So I was “hooked”. To me it was a miracle system and I took it upon me to translate the complete healing system for those who did not master the English language."                                                                     Read more

Am I Qualified

 Healthy Diet

Healthy Lifestyles

There is much suffering in the world today. The "standard of living" is rising everywhere but the "standard of health" is perhaps at its lowest.... The poor suffer from diseases of "deprivation". The rich on the other hand suffer from diseases of "plenty" or "excess". These include diabetes, rheumatism and arthritis, high blood pressure, heart trouble,(cholestrol), kidney failure, asthma - the list is endless.

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