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Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini......healing fragrances
A spiritual healing system to awaken the body's own healing power


Starting a Healing Center
Seva during epidemics and calamities
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A village must be made Self - Sufficient
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Begin your work with a prayer, surrendering your actions to the Lord and leaving the results to HIM.

As a healer it is important to understand the cause of disease. Therefore study carefully the section on Diet and Lifestyle. Giving out the Sanjeevinis is only one part of the healing work. Patients have to be lovingly guided to become aware of their habits and diet and the healer will have to undertake this task skilfully. It is not an issue that is peripheral to healing - it lies at the very centre of disease. But in order to undertake this task the healer will have to first practice living in harmony with the natural balance of the body. and the mind.

"Healer - heal thyself" - is a good place to start. That, however does not mean that the healer gets obsessed with his or her own health problems. The "healing" is more of a mental nature - a coming to terms with "O Lord, Thy Will be done" - surrendering all, offering all - expecting nothing.

When seva is offered in this spirit, every act we perform picks up the "healing fragrances" from the Lord's Lotus Feet - every act is then rendered holy, and harmony flows. Healing is just this - restoring harmony. We don't do it - the Lord does.

When a patient walks in remember it is only God in disguise. He has come to give us an opportunity to serve Him. The healer is also God. The Sanjeevinis that the healer gives to the patient are also God. When the three "forms" come together in a true spirit of surrender - harmony will begin to flow.


There appear to be 4 types of healers using the Sanjeevini system.

a). Those who confine the healing work to themselves and their families alone.

b). Those who are doing community seva, but operating from their homes without fixed timings and quite informally. The majority of healers fall into this category.

c). Those who are running healing centres with prescribed timings.

d). Those rare few - aggressive go-getters - not content to sit and wait for patients to come to them, who take their cars to nearby villages and slums and do the seva.

Through our own experience and through the experience of other healers we find that although doing the healing work sitting at home is most convenient as a starting point, it can become a full time obsession which can drive the rest of the family quite crazy! In the interest of maintaining sanity all round it does become necessary at some point to lay down rules and regulations.

Whether you work from your own home, from a garage, from a school, from a community centre or from your car - you need to be organised.

2 tables (one for the healer and one for the person dispensing the Sanjeevinis), a few chairs, and simple racks or shelves within reaching distance of the dispensing table are a good starting point. (This does not apply to the "mobile" healer).

Keep small cardboard or plastic boxes to store different size bottles (half drachm, 1 drachm, 2 drachm etc.). Count the number of pills that each size bottle can take and display this information clearly on the respective boxes. In this way, the person dispensing knows at a glance which bottle to use. Wastage is also minimised and the patient is not inconvenienced with too few pills.

From the practical point of view of there are several things that can be done to streamline the work. This would of course depend on the size of the healing centre, how many healers are working at any one time and how many people are dispensing.

1. Make samples of all the 60 Selected Sanjeevini Combinations. Make as many sets of these as there are dispensing stations.

2. Each dispensing station should have a copy of the Sanjeevini Cards. Photocopies are equally effective.

3. Make further samples of commonly used combinations which are not included in the above 60. For example you have a basic combination for Lung and Chest (SSC 28) and subsidiary combination for Cough (wet) or Bronchitis (SSC 28a). Since a chesty cough is a common occurrence (esp. in India) it would be good to have ready a sample of SSC 28 (a) In fact if it is the season for this ailment, you can make up this combination in a large jar or better still have prefilled 1 drachm bottles ready to give out immediately.

4. Similarly, you have a basic combination for Digestion problems (SSC 16) and a subsidiary combination for Diarrhoea/Dysentry (SSC 16f). It would be good to make up a sample of SSC 16 (f). (If there is even a rumour that some cases of cholera have been reported in the area, please add Cholera Sanjeevin to this. You cannot do any harm - remember these are prayers.)

5. As you go along and the number of patients increase, you will need a person to give out "waiting numbers" so that patients are seen in an orderly fashion and there is no disgruntlement amongst them. If you have friends you do not like to keep waiting, either call them at the end of the clinic or before the clinic starts. Try not to break the discipline of a queue. An emergency is of course an exception.

6. Duties at the healing centre must be allocated clearly and unambiguously. Needless to say, duties must be performed lovingly and conscientiously. At the workplace where we go to earn a living, when we are lax, the system pulls us up or there is the fear of losing a job. When doing seva, the motivation is completely different. BECAUSE it is seva, TOTAL sincerity is called for. A healer cannot have the attitude "I'm doing this work free, so I can take it easy". It would be better not to do the work. In this work there should be no indiscipline, no slackness, no ego.


 The Sanjeevini seva can be a dynamic way to help during calamities and epidemics. If you are in the affected area you would have to make up a suitable combination for the situation. For example if it is an earthquake, you would be dealing with shock and injuries. For this the Injury Combination would be adequate.

However, we have found that civic amenities also tend to break down in these situations leading to all sorts of Fevers (like Malaria), Flu, Diarrhoea and Dysentry, Colds and coughs, and Skin diseases. Make up these combinations in large quantities (you can combine some of these combinations together) and fill them into 1/2 drachm bottles. (If you have more than one type of combination to be dispensed, try using bottles with different colour "tops". This saves on the labelling). They can then be distributed at the site of the disaster.

Note : In epidemics please use the relevant combination as a prophylactic (preventive) and as the remedy for healing the disease. The Sanjeevinis are prayers and have no "side effects" and can be safely given to everyone who is in the radius of the epidemic.


 For those who are not at the site of the disaster, Distance Healing through Broadcasting of the Sanjeevinis is not only possible but desirable. There are so many different calamities almost every day. Make up the required combination and place it on the circle marked "sample" on the Multiplication and Broadcasting Card. On the circle marked "Output" place either a map of the region which is affected or if that is not available just write : All beings affected by the earthquake/ hurricane in ……  (the name of the region) on a piece of paper and leave it to broadcast indefinitely.

Imagine the impact of the vibrations being sent out by hundreds of broadcasts simultaneously. We feel that broadcasting just SSC 1 Sarva Shakthi Shanthi Combination  and SSC 60 Divine Values Combination to a map of the world, by a number of healers would also make a difference to the conditions prevailing on this planet.

Many healers feel very frustrated with the atrocities being commited on animals in the name of health care, beauty and nutrition. Broadcasting SSC 1 Sarva Shakthi Shanthi + SSC 60 Divine Values Combination + BPS 54 Whole Body Sanjeevini + DS 143 SAFE Sanjeevini to the "animals of the world" would make a difference. Try it! You would be doing something positive to help and it will most certainly take away the feeling of utter helplessness that you feel today!

There are many other Broadcasts that can be up : for social upliftment (dignified  housing, drinking water for the underprivileged brethren), for  protection and safe release of Kidnap victims,  for respect for parents, teachers and women, for honesty in business and politics. for helping people in the grip of addictions, for peace and harmony - at home, at work, in society, in the nation and the whole world.  


 Some healers are already doing this work. In India and other third world countries this must be done by more and more people. We have to reach out! It is important to understand, however, that our "reaching out" is meaningful. If we go to a village or slum once and forget about it forever more, we have done nothing. We have only satisfied our own ego.


 On the second or third visit (each visit should be 15 days apart), when healing has begun to "happen", you will be able to identify 2-3 people in the village who can be trained to carry on the work. Initial training would involve only getting them to multiply their previous Sanjeevinis. You could also leave samples of what in your opinion are often required combinations (labelled in simple terms in the local language), so that they begin to work on their own until your next visit.

By the fourth or fifth visit you will find that you are no longer required to visit every fortnight. This way villages will become completely self reliant. Make certain, that you educate them on diet and lifestyle.

SHARING THE KNOWLEDGE (making people self sufficient)

 It is quite common for healers to fall into the "power trap". When a healer starts off with this work there is surrender - but, as healing begins to "happen", the ego takes over. There is elation and excitement. This leads healers to feel quite powerful. They then become very reluctant to share knowledge about the Sanjeevinis.

It is important therefore to take stock of ourselves on a daily basis. If you feel you are developing reluctance to share the knowledge, you could be falling into the "power trap". Since the purpose of this seva is primarily to purify ourselves (and cultivate ego-lessness), you should carefully weed out such tendencies and remember to remind yourself that only He is the healer.

Be eager to share the system with patients who have benefited and would now like to start the work themselves. Give them a photocopy of this book or at least the section on "SS-Body Parts and Diseases Sanjeevinis" and the Selected Sanjeevini Combinations.


 You must understand very clearly why you are doing this work. You are doing this work for your spiritual progress. The patient is none other than God in disguise come to give you an opportunity for self-purification.

All religions of the world are in agreement over one thing - that there is only one GOD. Most religions also teach that the body is the temple where the Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent Divinity resides. Our spiritual Sadhana must take us towards this identification of each individual with the Resident Divinity. This has to be the logical Goal of every healer and this work, done with the right attitude, is sure to take you There.

Most of us who have read the scriptures (of any religion) are able to repeat these teachings verbatum - but unless we are living it, unless our actions translate into this Understanding of Oneness, we will not progress towards our Goal.

The "litmus test" of whether we are progressing or regressing is the state of our mind. If there is turmoil in the mind, if there is anxiety, if there is worry - we are not surrendering. If there is no surrender there can be no progress on this Path.

If you decide to do this work, do it knowing fully well that it is His work. He provides the inspiration, you take the first step. After that there is no stopping. Do not worry about who is going to finance it - He will do it - it is His project and He alone is the Financier. He will always send you people who want to help. They cannot help by way of time in the seva but they are happy to material terms. Such people can and do provide pills and bottles. Most centers end up operating at zero cost to the healers.

The important thing to remember is there must be no struggle. In God's work there is no struggle. If He wants the work done, if it is His project, things just fall into place. It is really as simple as that.

His Wisdom alone will guide you, His Love will sustain you. Have Faith!

"Detachment, Faith, and Love - these are the pillars on which Peace rests. Of these, Faith is crucial. For without it, Sadhana is an empty rite. Detachment alone can make Sadhana effective and Love leads quickly to God. Faith feeds the agony of separation from God; detachment canalises it along the path of God; Love lights the way. God will grant you what you deserve; there is no need to ask, no reason to grumble. Be content, be grateful whatever happens, whenever it happens. Nothing can happen against His Will." 


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