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We can all understand and feel the pain and anguish of families

- whose children or adult members have been kidnapped for ransom or revenge.

- who have members on board a flight which has been hijacked.

- who have some one dear on a ship which has been taken over by pirates on high seas..

- whose innocent young children have been kidnapped and sold off in distant cities for human trafficking.

- whose young children have been kidnapped and forced into the begging profession or lured into the drugs trade..

 The TV and Print media regularly covers cases of kidnapping in great detail to bring these in our awareness. As Sanjeevini healers we have an opportunity to offer the healing prayers for a peaceful and positive resolution in every such case.

DS 223 Kidnap Sanjeevini is a fervent prayer for divine help to rescue the Kidnapped person(s) without any mental or physical harm. Use it along with Faith Sanjeevini and Forgiveness Sanjeevini and any other Sanjeevini that you are intuitively guided to.

 There are three Sanjeevini broadcasts recommended for every case of kidnapping or hijacking.

1    One for the safe release of the Kidnapped victim(s)

2   Another for the spiritual redemption of the Kidnapper(s).

3   And third for the family members of the Kidnapped for their positive spiritual   support.

These broadcasts are, as always, to be offered silently with immense faith, selfless love and humility and in a spirit of complete surrender to the Lord. Prepare a Sanjeevini Sample for each of the three Broadcasts and set up the Broadcasts using three separate M & B Cards.

 Broadcast 1. Healing Broadcast for the safe release of Kidnapped Person(s)

SSC 1 Sarva Shakti Shanti Combination + SSC60 Awakening of Divine Values Combination + DS 223 Kidnap Sanjeevini + DS 169 Forgiveness Sanjeevini + DS 216 Faith Sanjeevini + BPS 54 Whole Body Sanjeevini.

Forgiving others for their cruelty releases an enormous amount of positive healing energy for both the forgiver and the one who is being cruel. When Jesus sought forgiveness for those who crucified Him, enormous healing energy was released in the Cosmos. That energy continues to inspire millions of people on the path of love and compassion. Such is the power of true, loving and unconditional forgiveness. Faith Sanjeevini is for strengthening our faith in God and His divine plan for each one of us. Faith in our God gifted inner strength to meet every challenge with courage, confidence, optimism and equanimity. Faith implies surrender to Divine will.

Broadcast 2. Healing Broadcast for the Spiritual redemption of the Kidnappers

As Sanjeevini healers our mission is always to love all and serve all, help ever and hurt never.

We must not miss the opportunity of sending healing prayers to those who in their complete ignorance are perpetrating the crime of Kidnapping. They suffer badly from several emotional diseases like ego, greed, lust, anger, hatred, which prompt them on the path of cruelty and violence. They have forgotten the divine in themselves and therefore in every one else too. They are completely oblivious of the inherent God-gifted divine values of love, compassion, forgiveness, fear of sin, selfless service that are there within them - values which sanctify our lives and glorify God.

The following combination is suggested for broadcasting to the Kidnappers

SSC 1 Sarva Shakti Shanti Combination + SSC 60 Awakening of Divine Values Combination + SSC 59 Removal of Negative Emotions Combination + DS192 Ego (Ahamkara) Sanjeevini + DS 206 Cruelty Sanjeevini + DS 219 Hatred Sanjeevini + DS 169 Forgiveness Sanjeevini + DS 202 Compassion (Karuna) Sanjeevini + DS 249 Devotion ( Love for God) Sanjeevini + DS 217 Fear of sin Sanjeevini + DS 257 Repentance Sanjeevini + DS 263. Yearning for Selfless Service Sanjeevini. 

Anger, Ego, Greed, Lust (all included in SSC59 ), Cruelty, Hatred Sanjeevinis are fervent prayers to remove these soul destroying negative emotions from our minds. Sathya (Truth), Dharma (Right Conduct), Prema (Love), Shanthi(Peace), Ahimsa (Non Violence) ( all included in SSC 60 above), Forgiveness, Compassion, Fear of Sin and Repentance Sanjeevinis are fervent prayers to the Lord to awaken and nourish each of these virtues inherent in each one us

Repentance Sanjeevini is a prayer to awaken this virtue within everyone to allow for our inner transformation from the darkness of ignorance to the light of spiritual wisdom of Oneness.

                                             “Repentance purifies, contrition cleanses. God is no stony-hearted despot. He is Compassion, He is Grace personified. Once you have cleansed yourself by tears, He draws you near and grants you consolation and courage. Without a cleansed heart, Self-realization is impossible. Wisdom can enter only a purified mind.”

– Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

 Broadcast 3. Healing broadcast for the family members of the Kidnapped person(s)

The suffering of the family is beyond imagination. Every one affected adversely by the kidnapping can be put on a healing broadcast with the following combination:

SSC 1 Sarva Shakti Shanti Combination + SSC 60 Awakening of Divine Values Combination + DS 169 Forgiveness Sanjeevini + DS 202 Compassion (Karuna) Sanjeevini + DS 216 Faith Sanjeevini + DS 228 Patience Sanjeevini

It is important for the family and friends also to forgive the Kidnappers. The vicious cycle of hatred-revenge-more hatred – bigger revenge – in our lives can only be brought to an end by love, compassion and forgiveness. Patience is another divine virtue or attribute of our Higher Self which helps us immensely to face all challenges gracefully.

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