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SSC 1 Sarva Shakthi Shanthi Combination + SSC 60 Divine Values Combination + BPS 8 Brain Sanjeevini + BPS 36 Nervous System Sanjeevinii + DS 22 Brain Power Sanjeevini + DS 167 Examination Stress Sanjeevini  +  DS 158 Anxiety Sanjeevini + DS 159 Better Memory Sanjeevini +  DS 227 Optimism Sanjeevini  + DS 218 Gratitude Sanjeevini +DS 244 Auspiciousness Sanjeevini  + DS 239 Steadfastness Sanjeevini + DS 253 Enthusiasm Sanjeevini + Any other Sanjeevini that you feel is relevant for your child.

This Combination came into being in response to an urgent request from a Sanjeevini healer who expressed her compassionate concern for all children in the following message:

“Class XII board exams in India are starting day after tomorrow, i..e. March 1st. As class XII is very crucial and their entire future is perceived to depend on their performance in this exam, students are very nervous and fearful and often their minds become blank when confronted with the paper. Also every year many students commit suicide due to fear of failure. It would be nice if u could request all Sanjeevini healers to broadcast relevant Sanjeevinis to all students appearing for boards. Maybe you've already done so.”

Anxiety, fear, nervousness are problems commonly faced by students as the year end final examinations get closer. At this crucial time, Sai Sanjeevini prayers can help awaken their self-confidence, minimize stress levels and improve their concentration, memory and comprehension for putting in the most dedicated efforts which will naturally bring about the most auspicious results.     

The response to this Combination has been very encouraging. We encourage all parents to use this Combination during the whole year  and not only during the time of exams. It can be used by adults too for all of life's challenges.

We share this Combination with unconditional love, faith and humility for every child's wholistic well being and progress.

Preparing a Sanjeevini remedy  with SSC 68 for oral intake by students

Step 1  Prepare a sample of the SSC 68 Combination  given above, in Vibhuti or Homeo pills or Turmeric powder  as explained in the Section How to prepare a Sanjeevini Remedy in Getting Started of the Tutorial

Step 2  Place the sample  on the left side of the M & B Card. Place a bottle of fresh water on the right side of the Card on the output Circle. Please see the Exhibits on this link. You can charge the bottle of water  or flask that children carry to their school so that they can take the remedy to school or to the examination hall as well. 

The water in the bottle is now getting charged with all the Sanjeevinis in the SSC 68 sample kept on the Input circle on the left side.

Leave for 1/2 minute or more

Step 3 During this time of ½ minute or more, please do add the power of your own fervent prayers offered from the depths of your heart with full faith in the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent God. Chanting a Mantra or repeating a healing affirmation or just being in silence during the charging process of ½ minute or more are powerful ways of deepening our connection with God as we pray for dedicated efforts and auspicious results for our child or our children.

Any prayer from any faith is perfect. The important thing is that the prayer must come from the depths of our heart. The following prayer is suggested as a guideline. Please use it if it appeals to you.

Suggested Prayer for Parents of children preparting the remedy for their children.

“O Lord, please bless my child and all the children in his/her school/college with Your infinite love, wisdom and guidance. May they all put in the most  dedicated efforts in all their examinations and may they all be blessed with the most auspicious results in every examination. Please shower your boundless grace on all and bless them with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.”

 Suggested Prayer for children who are making their own remedy

“O Lord, please bless me and all the students in my school/college with Your infinite love, wisdom and guidance. May we all put in the most dedicated efforts in all our examinations and may we all be blessed with the most auspicious results in every examination. Please shower your boundless grace on all of us and bless us with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.”

Step 4 The water in the bottle is now charged with the subtle healing energy of all the Sanjeevinis in the SSC 68 Combination  and with the subtle powerful positive energy of the parent's and/or the child's own fervent prayers. 

This is the Sanjeevini remedy to be consumed during the day by the student as per the suggested dosage below:

Dosage :  3  to 6 times a day or more

In case the student is very nervous or stressed out, the dosage can be increased to 6 to 9 times a day.

On the day of the exam, its good to have a dose before the examination to offer one's best and a dose after the examination to start focusing fully on the next subject.

What is one dose? One sip of charged water is one dose. Half a glass of water drunk at one time still makes one dose. Dosage is determined by the time factor, rather than the quantity ingested. If you space out your intake of the Sanjeevinis six times over the day, you are taking 6 doses.

Any fear of over dosage? None at all  You can never overdose with Sanjeevinis. They are subtle (spiritual) vibrations or prayers that will always help in developing balance and harmony in the body and mind. They can do no harm regardless of how many times they are ingested.

Sanjeevini Seva for children appearing in Examinations:

You can help parents and their children by :

               1.  Sharing Sanjeevini Healing Kits with them and /or

               2.  Setting up Sanjeevini Healing Broadcasts with the SSC 68 Combination

1.  Sharing Sanjeevini Remedy Kits:

Follow the simple procedure for preparing the Sanjeevini Remedy Kit as explained in detail under SSC 61. In this case you will share a Sample of SSC 68 in Vibhuti or Pills or Turmeric powder. and a laminated M&B Card kept in a cellophane bag which provides the M&B Card extra protection.. The Kit can be given in an ordinary paper bag also.

Please explain to Parents and Children with whom you are sharing the Kit, the procedure of preparing the daily remedy in water. Also share the importance of saying their fervent prayer everyday from the depths of their hearts during the time of charging the water with the SSC 68 Sample in the Kit.

2. Setting up Sanjeevini Healing Broadcasts with the SSC 68 Combination for children,

Again please follow the procedure for setting up Broadcasts for children as explained in Step 1 to Step 4 under SSC 61. Also please refer to Section Distance healing with the M & B Cardon how to set up Broadcasts for Distance healing.

Setting up Broadcasts is a wonderful opportunity for all Sanjeevini users worldwide to send their good wishes and blessings to millions of students in their own country or abroad, who appear for their crucial class X and class XII Board exams  every year  through dedicated Sanjeevini Broadcasts. Of course you can set up Broadcasts for other classes in the school as well.

How to send the Healing Broadcast with SSC 68 for dedicated efforts and auspicious results in Examinations?

The Broadcast can be sent to:

                1.  Name of a particular student or a group of students appearing for the examination.

               2.  All the students in your child's school appearing for the examination. (your child automatically gets included)

               3.  All the children of your neighbours, friends and relatives appearing for the exam.

               4.  All the children in the school you passed out from, your alma mater, who are appearing for the exam.

               5.   A Universal broadcast for all the children appearing for the exam in your country.

               6.   A Universal broadcast for all the children appearing for the exam in every country

 The universal broadcast can addressed to :

               “All students appearing in Class X and Class XII Board examinations in India and every other country.

Prayers to be said whilst setting up the Broadcast:

 The Prayer shared in Step 3 above can be used for setting up Broadcasts as well.

The intensity of our prayers is determined by the purity of our intentions and feelings and the faith with which we are setting up our broadcast.

Sanjeevini healing broadcasts are powerful waves of Divine healing love and grace which reaches the intended beneficiaries to whom the broadcast is addressed immediately. These waves traverse in the spiritual domain of Oneness which is beyond space and time and therefore reach the affected people instantaneously.

Description of Sanjeevinis in SSC 68 Combination for dedicated efforts and auspicious results.

SSC 1 and SSC 60 constitute the Sai Sanjeevini Tonic for nourishing and rejuvenating the body, mind, and soul. Please see SSC 70 for details on Sai Sanjeevini Tonic.

BPS 8 Brain Sanjeevini  is for rejuvenating the Brain

BPS 36 Nervous System Sanjeevini is for strengthening the Nervous  System and its ability to be calm under stressful situations.

DS 22 Brain Power Sanjeevini is for improving the capacity of the brain to concentrate, understand, analyse every subject, and the ability to respond  verbally, visually and in writing to all questions on different subjects.

DS 167 Examination Stress Sanjeevini has the healing prayer for the awakening of inner strength and calmness to respond to all challenges with confidence and clarity.

DS 158 Anxiety Sanjeevini has the healing prayer for removing this energy depleting emotion from the mind

DS 159 Better Memory Sanjeevini is for obvious reasons a favourite of all students. Named as it is, there is no one who will not "want" this Sanjeevini. But there is also a pun on the word "better" - when we can recall only the negatives of our life - its time to use this Sanjeevini for recall of "better" days and experiences. Of course it is also for improving the memory.

DS 227 Optimism Sanjeevini : Being always optimistic about the future in every endeavour can make a huge difference in our performance.

DS 218 Gratitude Sanjeevini : This Sanjeevini prayer is for awakening the divine virtue of Gratitude. Heartfelt gratitude to our teachers and to our parents always brings in silent precious  blessings that ensure our best efforts and auspicious success. Please do explain to children the importance of gratitude for a happy, peaceful, successful and fulfilling  life.

DS 244 Auspiciousness Sanjeevini : This Sanjeevini is for ushering in auspicious success and prosperity in every aspect of our lives - physical, mental, emotional, academic, professional, relationship, spiritual…

DS 239 Steadfastness Sanjeevini is for ensuring consistent dedicated efforts in our studies and for preparation for examinations.

DS 253 Enthusiasm Sanjeevini  is for bringing in a feeling of intense passion in the regular studies and for preparation of examinations and for removing any dullness in the mind.

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