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Combination for

 BPS, DS and SSC Combinations included 

SSC 28

Lung & Chest  Problems


(Basic Combination)

SSC 1       Sarva Shakti Shanti Combination+
SSC 60    Awakening of Divine Values Comb +
SSC 21    Fevers Combination +
BPS 53   Lung Sanjeevini
BPS 10   Chest Sanjeevini +
BPS 41   Respiratory tract Sanjeevini +
BPS 5     Blood Sanjeevini
DS 68     Infection Sanjeevini +

SSC 28 (a)


SSC 28 Lung & Chest Problems Combination +
DS 23   Bronvhitis Sanjeevini +
DS 36   Cough (wet) Sanjeevini 

SSC 28 (b)

Cough (wet)

SSC 28(a)  Bronchitis  Combination +

SSC 28 (c)

Cough Dry

Please see SSC 37(a)

SSC 28 (d)


SSC 28 Lung & Chest Problems Combination +
DS 96   Pneumonia Sanjeevini +
DS 36   Coughj (wet ) Sanjeevini or
DS 35   Cough  (dry) Sanjeevini as per case  

SSC 28 (e)


SSC 28 Lung & Chest Problems Combination +
SSC 22 Glands Combination +
DS 131 Tuberculosis Sanjeevini +
DS 36   Coughj (wet ) Sanjeevini or
DS 35   Cough  (dry) Sanjeevini as per case +
BPS 13 Endocrine System Sanjeevini

SSC 28 (f)

Primary Complex (Beginning of Tuberculosis)

SSC 28 Lung & Chest Problems Combination +
DS 101 Primary Complex Sanjeevini
DS 131 Tuberculosis Sanjeevini +

SSC 28 (g)


SSC 28  Lung & Chest Problems Combination +
SSC 18  Emergency Combination +
DS 11    Asthma Sanjeevini +
DS 124  Suffocation & Wheeze  Sanjeevini

SSC 28 (h)

Pneumonic plague

SSC 28  Lung & Chest Problems Combination +
SSC 22  Glands Combination +
DS 97    Pneumonic Plague +
BPS 13 Endocrine System Sanjeevini

SSC 28 (i)


SSC 28  Lung & Chest Problems Combination +
DS 174 Oxygenation Sanjeevini +
BPS 11 Circulatory System Sanjeevini +
BPS 6    Body Tissue Sanjevini +
BPS 33  Muscle Sanjeevini


The Oxygenation Sanjeevini is to help improve the oxygen level in the body. Lack of oxygen is something most of us are "suffering" from. Partly the blame lies in the polluted environment but partly we ourselves are to blame as well. We have forgotten how to breathe. This is the reason that most meditation techniques start with concentrating on the breath - simple awareness of the breathing pattern as each breath enters and leaves the nostrils. Even in our busy schedules all of us should be able to spend a few minutes standing at an open window and breathing deeply. Start by breathing  out deeply so that the lungs are cleansed of old stale air. Please do not use your nose as a pump. Instead concentrate on the abdomen breath i.e Abdomen moving upwards as you breathe in and Abdomen moving inwards as you breathe out. This causes a vaccum to be created  as the Abdomen moves inwards and air is sucked in effortlessly in large quantities. Try pausing for about 4 to 8 seconds between each inhalation and exhalation and the next inhalation. This allows for a deeper and efficient respiration.

 Note 1 :Drugs like Lassix, which are being indiscriminately prescribed today, can damage our kidneys - they cause the water to leave the body leaving behind all the toxic waste which can cause kidney failure. (See also note on salt under Thyroid combination). People with water in the lungs are also prescribed this drug. The water in the lungs is often not monitored and Lassix is taken on a regular basis giving rise to dehydration of the lungs. In an attempt to retain moisture, the parched lungs then go into an attack of breathlessness or wheeze. In such cases do not interfere with the Lassix dosage - only explain to the patient the cause of his or her breathlessness. The patient can sip water when breathless in order to replace the fast disappearing moisture.

 Note 2 : Please study the section Guidelines on Diet & Lifestyle very carefully and guide the patient accordingly. Also read the note under SSC 3 Anemia Combination

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BPS 22 Heart Sanjeevini

To invigorate the heart and to heal all symptoms and causes of heart related conditions like Angina, Arteriosclerosis, Hypertension and Palpitations.

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