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Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini......healing fragrances
A spiritual healing system to awaken the body's own healing power



Combination for

 BPS, DS and SSC Combinations included 

SSC 22

Glands, Cancers & Aids


(Basic Combination)

SSC 1Sarva Shakti Shanti Combination +
SSC 60  Awakening of DivineValues Comb +

SSC 12 Cleansing & Kidney Combination+
BPS 18  Glands Sanjeevini  +
BPS 29  Lymphatic System +
DS 77    Lymphatic Systems Disorders  +
BPS 46  Spleen Sanjeevini +
DS 68    Infection Sanjeevini +
DS 70    Inflammation Sanjeevini +
BPS 54  Whole Body sanjeevini +
DS 185  Vaccine Antidote Sanjeevini

SSC 22 (a)



SSC 22 Glands Combination
DS 4 AIDS (all types) Sanjeevini  +
DS 68    Infection Sanjeevini +
BPS 46  Spleen Sanjeevini +
Any other combinations,  Body parts Sanjeevinis and Diseases Sanjeevini as per symptoms

SSC 22 (b)


SSC 22 Glands Combination +
DS 26 Cancers (all) Sanjeevini +
Any other combinations,  Body parts Sanjeevinis and Diseases Sanjeevini as per symptoms

SSC 22 (c)


SSC 22 Glands Combination +
DS 132 Tumours & Growths Sanjeevini +
Any other combinations,  Body parts Sanjeevinis and Diseases Sanjeevini as per symptoms

SSC 22 (d)


SSC 22 (b) Cancers (all ) Combination +
DS 172 Leukemia Sanjeevini +
SSC 3 Anaemia Combination +
BPS 52 Bone Marrow Sanjeevini 

SSC 22  (e)


SSC 22 (c)  Tumours Combination +
BPS 37 Nose Sanjeevini +
BPS 48 Throat & Tonsils Sanjeevini +
DS 16 Blockages Sanjeevini
BPS 6 Body Tissues (all) Sanjeevini

SSC 22  (f)


SSC 22 (b) Cancers (all ) Combination +
BPS 24 Immune System Sanjeevini +
Relevant body part Sanjeevini like spleen , Bone Marrow etc

SSC 22 (g)

Lumps in the arm-pit, Lump in the groin,

SSC 22 (c)  Tumours Combination +
BPS  3 Arm & Hand Sanjeevini or
BPS 27 leg & Foot Sanjeevini
BPS 58 Joints sanjeevini 

SSC 22 (h)

Bubonic plague

SSC 22 Glands Combination +
DS 24  Bubonic Plague +
Any other combinations,  Body parts Sanjeevinis and Diseases Sanjeevini as per symptoms

SSC 22 Glands Combination is the basic Combination for  problems related to lymphatic glands eg. tonsilitis, adenoids, lymphomas, lumps in the arm-pit, lump in the groin, primary complex related to Tuberculosis, Cancer, Aids, Bubonic plague etc.

The lymphatic system is our sewage-system-cum-immune-system. It carries waste to the blood which then takes it to the liver and kidneys for flushing out of the system. That matter which would be too toxic for the blood to handle gets blocked in the lymph nodes (which we see as lumps or glands). Pricking, poking, cutting a lymph node is folly - it lets loose in the body that matter which the body intelligence has trapped and held captive in one place.

Wheat Grass  and/ or its juice is a specific food which can assist in fighting a whole range of chronic ailments - from simple anaemia to leukaemia; from a simple skin rash to skin cancer. It is a wonderful cleanser and rejuvenator which means it helps your body to throw out toxins that have built up over the years and helps it replace old dead cells with new cells. These are the two essential factors that cause disease in our bodies and which wheat grass sets right. For more details please see the section Wheat Grass and Rejuvelac

Recommended Reading:"Reclaiming Our Health" by John Robbins - ISBN 0-915811-69-3 Published by H.J. Kramer Inc. 

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Healing Prayers

BPS 22 Heart Sanjeevini

To invigorate the heart and to heal all symptoms and causes of heart related conditions like Angina, Arteriosclerosis, Hypertension and Palpitations.

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"I am a sceptic, so I decided to try this simple healing system for myself. I was very surprised that the method worked so well, also with animals, who can not “fake” the outcome. So I was “hooked”. To me it was a miracle system and I took it upon me to translate the complete healing system for those who did not master the English language."                                                                     Read more

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