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Combination for

 BPS, DS and SSC Combinations included 

SSC 58 (a)

Ticks & fleas



SSC 1        Sarva Shakti Shanti Combination +
SSC 60     Awakening of Divine Values Comb +
SSC 12     Cleansing Combination +
SSC 23     Hair Combination +
DS 184     Ticks & Fleas Sanjeevini +
BPS 54     Whole Body Sanjeevini

SSC 58 (b)

Canine Distemper

SSC 1         Sarva Shakti Shanti Combination +
SSC 60      Awakening of Divine Values Comb +
SSC 21      Fever Combination+
SSC 27      Liver Combination +
SSC 30      Paralysis Combination +
DS 146     Canine Distemper Sanjeevini +
DS 185     Vaccine Antidote Sanjeevini

SSC 58 (c)

Mange -

SSC 1        Sarva Shakti Shanti Combination +
SSC 60     Awakening of Divine Values Comb +
SSC 33     Skin Combination +
DS 150    Scabies (
including Mange for Animals) Sanj

SSC 58 (d)

PFBD (Beak& Feather disease)

SSC 1        Sarva Shakti Shanti Combination +
SSC 60     Awakening of Divine Values Comb +
SSC 21      Fevers Combination +
DS 175      PFBD Sanjeevini +
DS 143      SAFE Sanjeevini 

SSC 58 (a) Ticks & Fleas Combination

Use this combination both internally in their drinking water and externally as a wash. For street dogs we can broadcast the Sanjeevini or add it to their drinking water. For instructions on how to broadcast - see instruction 7 of ' Instructions' section).

We have found that most street dogs only rarely get ticks - the domestic pets are the ones that get easily infested! That speaks volumes - do the vaccines and diet play a role? Besides, stray dogs immerse themselves in mud and slush to (a) suffocate the ticks and fleas and (b) to ease the itching.

 SSC 58 (b) Canine Distemper Combination

This is for dogs. Please add other combinations if the symptoms so indicate.

DS 146 Canine Distemper Sanjeevini. May also be used as a preventive –

Dosageas a preventive : Once a week

 SSC 58 (c) Mange Combination

May be used as a rinse or lotion as well.

Most skin ailments are also immensely helped by washing the relevant parts in Neem (margosa) water (prepared by boiling 8 to 10 neem leaves in 1 1/2 cups of water for 5 minutes). If neem does not grow in your part of the world, take some with you from India. The leaves can be dried in the shade and stored indefinitely. They are light to carry and available in plenty all over India. Do not usee so called patented need ointments - the "wholistic" effect is lost - only the active ingredient is extracted leaving you open to possible reactions. Only nature provides everything in balance.

 SSC 58 (d) PFBD (Beak & Feather disease)Combination

This combination is for all birds including Parrots and Cockatoos. This is apparently a quick-spreading disease that can destroy large flocks of these birds. Use this Sanjeevini as a remedy as well as a preventive. When an epidemic is around add a few drops of the charged water to the general drinking water every day. The whole flock (farm, clinic etc) can also be put on

Broadcast.  For instructions on how to broadcast – please see instruction 7 of ' Instructions' section.

The Fever combination is included even if there is no fever because the Fever Sanjeevini prayer is programmed to treat all diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

Please Note that All the Sanjeevinis in the System can be used for animals and birds. The reason the above are listed here is because these problems are specific only to them. For other requirements for animals and birds - please select the required combinations from the Selected Sanjeevini Combinations list.

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BPS 22 Heart Sanjeevini

To invigorate the heart and to heal all symptoms and causes of heart related conditions like Angina, Arteriosclerosis, Hypertension and Palpitations.

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"I am a sceptic, so I decided to try this simple healing system for myself. I was very surprised that the method worked so well, also with animals, who can not “fake” the outcome. So I was “hooked”. To me it was a miracle system and I took it upon me to translate the complete healing system for those who did not master the English language."                                                                     Read more

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