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June '97 Newsletter 

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 Om saha naavavatu saha nau bhunaktu
Saha viryam karvaavahai,
Tejasvinaavadhtamastu maa vidvishaavahai,
Om Shantih... Shantih... Shantih...

 May the Lord protect us (by revealing Knowledge)
May He nourish us.
May we work together with great vigour
May we acquire brilliance of intellect through our studies.
May we never misunderstand each other.
Om Peace! Peace! Peace! 


Dear sisters and brothers :                                                                                                   June 1997

Our most humble pranaams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagawan Baba and loving greetings to all of you.

We are approaching the holy festival of Guru Poornima.  It is with the blessings of all the Spiritual Masters of the world - both past and present - that this planet is continuing to survive - or else we would have self-destructed long ago. We wish each one of you the Highest Joy  on your Inward Journey on this auspicious occasion. May the Guru and God within us continue to bless each one of us and guide us on the road to the Highest Peace.

Isn't it remarkable how the Jyothi Meditation converts the Inward Journey into an Outward Pilgrimage ? All meditation techniques  of the world teach sadhakas (aspirants) to go inward. The Jyothi Meditation however takes us inward and then brings us outward again - as Light, causing us to expand in our vision, in our thoughts, in our actions - in our Love - enveloping the entire universe with the Light.

This Newsletter comes to you winged on the Power of That Light - may it spread knowledge and awareness to all of mankind.

It has been a long time since we sent out a newsletter - the last one was dated July 1996.  A lot has happened here in India and our attention and time has been diverted to the most crucial issue of Vaccinations.  In the last issue of our newsletter we had sent an appeal asking healers to join us in educating (actually re-educating!) people on the negative effects of vaccinations.  The response from some healers who had either information or personal experience showed us that we were not alone - on the contrary - the issue is alive and hotly debated all over the western world - with more and more scientists and members of the medical establishment joining the rising chorus of concerned parents on the need to educate people on the disastrous effects of vaccinations on the human race (besides the violence it entails on our animal friends).

In India,  the issue was non-existent.  There was only ONE viewpoint prevailing in the media and the government, amongst well-intentioned NGO's, parents and the medical establishment - vaccinate or die. In November 1996 and again in January 1997 we witnessed the entire subcontinent engage in a collective madness - over 85 million children were vaccinated with the Oral Polio Vaccine!

However, with the Lord's grace and thanks to the loving work of many healers in India and overseas, the issue is now out in the open  - the print media has published several articles on the subject in both English and Hindi.

A few such articles are enclosed. Our sincere appeal to all healers is to study the issue thoroughly by reading not only the enclosed articles but by pursuing the subject closely through the recommended reading. (If you would like to receive vaccine  information  in Hindi, please write to us).

We also invite healers from India  to tell us about cases that may come to their notice of :

  1. unvaccinated older children and/or adults who are now having problems that look like the onset of polio - i.e. numbness, immobility of any limbs or severely impaired bowel movement; (the oral polio vaccine is a live virus and others coming in casual contact can acquire polio)  and
  2. recently vaccinated children displaying any problems which did not exist before - e.g. acute diarrhoea (which is threatening to turn chronic), epilepsy, polio symptoms, recurring pneumonia or bronchitis, any  neurological disorders etc.

On a more positive note, with the Lord's Grace, the whole Sanjeevini system is now available on the Internet - the address is:

You can also reach the site by searching with 'Sanathana'. Users have the option of downloading the entire book or selected sections.

Our grateful thanks to the dedicated healers whose labour of love has made the complete SS Sanjeevini healing fragrances system available free of cost to literally everyone  all over the world, on the Internet.

We also have an e-mail address which people have had trouble accessing due to confusion between alphabets and numbers in the address. If you have an e-mail address please e-mail it to us - we hope more and more of our communications can be done through this speedy and economical method (the computer radiation is something to reckon with though!). Our correct e-mail address is given below - first as it is supposed to be used and later as we might speak it :

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

that is

saisanji@giasd el zero one.vsn

We have kept the real good news for the last - with Bhagawan's Grace, we also bring you *42* new Sanjeevinis - 6 Body Parts Sanjeevinis and 36 Diseases Sanjeevinis. We pray that these prove useful to healers, patients, plants, animals - all of God's Creation - that they help to us to put back some of the good that we have all so lavishly (and often selfishly) availed of from Mother Nature.

There have been a  number of requests that the newsletter should carry  some experiences of healers in order to inspire others. So far we have refrained from doing this because somehow it sounded like “selling” the idea of Sanjeevinis - which is certainly not the intention. However, it does seem like a reasonable request since we have seen the effect such letters have on us - we feel rejuvenated and recharged!  Consequently we introduce a new column “Healers’ Express”. We hope you enjoy it and feel inspired by it.

Years ago Baba's slogan “Maanava Seva is Madhava Seva” (service to mankind is service to God) inspired a whole generation of devotees - today let us transcend the limitations of serving humankind alone and adopt what Baba now says - “Love All Serve All”.  Let our love and healing reach out to ALL of God's Creation.  Everything  is God.   Often fears stop us from carrying our seva beyond the frontiers of the home - fear of  “…if something happens”, fear of infections, fear of the law - in fact anything and everything to justify and rationalize our lack of courage.  We forget that selfless seva is the highest dharma (duty) which provides its own protection (Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah); it is the most potent vaccine to protect against all diseases and it is the Supreme Law unto itself.

Years ago, when we were doing seva with homoeopathy under the most difficult circumstances,  Mataji Narayani had put the whole issue into proper perspective  - “Be afraid only  if you are breaking God's Law”, she said.

And Baba says “Why Fear When I Am  Here?” . What then do we have to fear? Let “Love All Serve All ” become our obsession, our bliss, our salvation.

May the Lord hold us all in His Love and Light,

With love and healing prayers,

  In the service of the Lord,


"Anger, malice, greed, envy — all these are obstacles in the path of love  and co-operation. They lower man from the Divine to the animal level. Bear with others in patience and understanding; practise "Sahana" and sympathy. Try to discover point of contact, not of conflict. Spread brotherliness and deepen kindness through knowledge. Then life becomes worth while, without fail."         BHAGAWAN BABA

"What is this life-time? Is it to struggle in the mire or march straight on to the eternal? You will get millions to tell you what is pleasing to you, but it is difficult to get one in a million who can tell you what is good for you. What is good for you is akin to Truth, Truth is hard, but beneficial. It is unpleasant advice to tell a man to stick to Truth at all costs; Truth alone pays dividends that satisfy".      —BHAGAWAN BABA


 Here are a few excerpts from some of the many letters received by us from dedicated healers. These messages have rejuvenated & recharged us. We hope they inspire you too.

“I started using the Sanjeevini healing system just over a year ago and have seen so many miracles of healing! I shall now distribute these (just acquired) copies of the book to my friends and relatives who have been overwhelmed by these miracles and now wish to take up their own healing seva. Nothing in my life has given me so much joy, the Sanjeevinis keep His Name forever on my tongue and His Form constantly in my mind.”

“I am continuing to set up the Sanjeevinis - in some cases the healing is complete, in others it is partial, in yet some none at all. I guess it is to do with lessons yet to be learnt or my own concentration and purity of purpose is wanting.”

And again…

“There is a special potent magic in the Sanjeevinis - in themselves and in their use. It feels as if the Beloved Lord's own energy field is being activated towards the particular prayer and the individuals participating, both the healer and the healee - more the healer I suspect. Such is the immensity of the Grace and Love of the Beloved Lord who allows Himself thus to be used. To be able to use the Sanjeevinis is itself a blessing.”

“Though I started with Sanjeevinis only about 3 months ago the results so far have been surprising. I always believed that prayers “can move mountains” and hoped that something simple and effective as Sanjeevinis would come my way one day.”

“I was introduced to the Sanjeevini system of healing by a friend who kindly allowed me to make copies of her book “Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini Healing Fragrances - A Healer's Guide”. I took it as a God sent opportunity and started practicing it a few days ago with remarkable success.”

“Recently I have been to my Guru Bhai living in the far flung remote countryside on the banks of the Narmada river. He too gives medicines to the Nomads, Adivasis, Bheels. There I found a book with him - Healing Fragrances. I am greatly impressed with the efficacy of the system”

"Our work here continues to prosper - we are giving talks to healers, hospitals and groups and sending out copies so that they may share this most precious work. We bear in mind always that it is not our work but the work of our Beloved Lord. He is in our hearts and minds and souls.

We have been having the most remarkable results from our work with healing and have friendships springing up all over the UK.”

“The joy of using Sai's wonderful fragrances is a revelation - the broadcasting is so powerful both for the receiver and the broadcaster. Our Sanjeevini work, talking to groups and healers, friends and family continues. Our Beloved Lord seems to free our tongues and fill our hearts with His Love as we speak. How wonderful are these moments with Him!”

“Last week in Puttaparthi a man gave me his own copy of “A Healer's Guide”. It Works!! I want to send - if possible - now from India, one set to my friend in the USA”

“It is so wonderful to see such marvelous results from this spiritual method of healing and we feel so privileged to be a channel for it to help humanity”

So long as your words and deeds are in conformity with sathya and dharma (truth and righteousness); so long as they are sweetened by prema (love) and lightened by shanti (peace), you will have no worry; you will have the grace in ample measure. 

-- Bhagawan Baba


Q 1.   I feel nervous about starting to use the Sanjeevinis since I cannot be certain of the diagnosis. If I wish to give Sanjeevinis to someone with many complications where do I start?

Ans.   Sanjeevinis are prayers - how can you go wrong with prayers - e.g. if you pray for someone's gall bladder to be healed (your diagnosis) when there is nothing wrong with it (doctor's diagnosis)- do you think God will destroy his gall bladder? The prayer programmed into  the Sanjeevinis is “God, if it be Thy  will, please heal, whatever be the cause or the symptoms  of the present condition” So, no matter what the cause, if it appears to you to be the gall bladder - go ahead and use the Gall Bladder Sanjeevini.  On the other hand, if you cannot put your finger on the cause (or guess it!), then start with the visible symptom - e.g. pain in the hip - use Pain Sanjeevini, Hip Sanjeevini, Inflammation Sanjeevini, Bone Sanjeevini with Sarva Shakthi Shanthi as your base Combination. If nothing else strikes you, just give the Sarva Shakthi Shanthi Combination. If the person has too many symptoms or “names” of diseases follow your instincts - either begin with one disease or all simultaneously or a few them. Make sure you tell the person that these are prayers.

Q 2.   What is the period of time for which Sanjeevinis have to be given to patients?

Ans.   In acute cases - like diarrhoea or fever - while the problem lasts give frequently  which could be every half hour or every 10 minutes. When the acute phase has died down in a day or so reduce to 6 times a day. Continue to give the Sanjeevinis  for 2 to 3 days after the problem has left.  In chronic cases - it is anyone's guess. There are those cases that respond 100% within the first 3 days and seem to miraculously say goodbye to the problem forever - there are others who respond very well initially in the first 10 days and then seem to “plateau” for a while until some “block” is cleared - which could be related to the mind or to the diet. When a plateau happens try talking to the patient to find out the cause. If the cause seems to be diet - guide the patient accordingly. If the cause is the mind - use one of the new mind related Sanjeevinis or even give a positive affirmation to the patient to repeat or write. The Blockages Sanjeevini is also excellent for clearing blocks.

Q 3.   I understand that the Neutralisation Card can be used to neutralise negative vibrations in food, water, pills and bottles etc.  Can we use it to neutralise the radiation from television, computers, microwaves etc. Is all this “legitimate” use of the Neutralisation Card?

Ans.   While it is possible to use the Neutralisation Card in this way the “legitimacy” test is linked to the motive - as Baba says a knife in the hand of a surgeon is legitimate but a knife used to kill is not - so also with the Neutralisation Card. If our use of television and computers is to do with work and knowledge (genuinely!) then yes - we can use the Neutralisation Card to neutralise the radiation - otherwise not. We cannot see how microwave cooking can be “legitimate” though!

Q. 4   My husband is at sea - can I broadcast to him and expect the healing to reach him? There is no fixed address. Do I need to use a photograph?

Ans.   Surely God, whose healing power we are relying on, knows where your husband is at sea - He is an ingenious Postman Who is undeterred by such minor things as vast oceans!

Q 5   When giving the Sanjeevinis to animals (as preventives) how long and how frequently do we have to give ? On farms we have large troughs of water which cannot be placed on the cards so how do we charge this water?

Ans.   The Sanjeevinis can be prepared in a small glass of water which is added to the bigger trough of water. As long as epidemics are around add the concerned combinations every day at least once a day - twice may be better in case some animals on a farm have not had any of the previous water.

Q 6    Is it possible to ingest (eat) Vibhuthi? Can it be made at home?

Ans.   Not only is it possible to eat Vibhuthi we would say it is highly desirable to do so. Vibhuthi has wondrous and miraculous healing powers of its own. It is made by Vedic formula and rites and is available from most temples managed by priests of South India and from most Sai Centres in India.  Vibhuthi applied on weeping sores and wounds is quite magical in its effect. Charge it with the vibrations of the  Sanjeevinis for double potency. People fear “infection” when applying locally - the truth is it has the power to remove all sorts of infections. No, Vibhuthi cannot be made at home. However if you wish to make combinations of Sanjeevinis which will not be “eaten” but will be used only as “masters” for multiplying - you can collect the ash from the agarbathi or incense.

Q 7    I know it is possible to use the Sanjeevini cards by simply placing a finger on the relevant cards.  I understand that people use the Whole Body Card in the same way  before retiring to bed in the night with a prayer for forgiveness and asking God to let them pay for their previous negative karma in their dreams. I believe that people have had nightmares following this.  Any suggestions?

Ans.  Well, God is only doing what we are asking Him to do! Perhaps what we should be praying for is forgiveness and surrendering to Him to choose the “easiest” way to pay off outstanding karma.

"Some times, the Bank will give you overdrafts, so that you tide over temporary crisis; the extent  of the overdraft is settled by the Manager with reference to your reliability and capabilities. It is like the 'Anugraha', Grace that God will confer on you when you have earned it by 'Sathkarma', 'Sathchinthana', 'Sathsanga' and 'Namasmarana' - good deeds, good thoughts, good feelings, good company and constant repetition and reflection on the Name of God and the Glory it seeks to express"  



We have received inquiries about the dosage for using Sanjeevinis as preventives.

Generally speaking  - for Malaria, Flu,  Diarrhoea/Dysentery, Cholera ( all the diseases that people are generally afraid of when traveling in India) - 3 doses a day for a week before leaving for India and a dose a day daily while in India.   If however, there is a problem and you do get fever or diarrhoea/dysentery  (usually due to milk products, eggs and meat) then please use the Sanjeevinis as frequently in water as required  - every few minutes or seconds during the acute phase - reducing it gradually to 3 times a day.

For childhood diseases - it is important to understand that childhood diseases like chicken pox, measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough are our friends.  If a child gets these diseases in childhood, when nature intended it, the effects are of cleansing the child's body of built up and inherited toxins, and providing lifelong immunity.  If normal vaccinations (allopathic) are taken, then - besides the horrifying side-effects that the child is likely to suffer, even if the vaccinations “prevent” the disease (which they do not), then all that we have done is postpone the disease to a later age i.e. adolescence - when the consequences  can be very drastic. Besides, the endocrine glands are maturing by the age of 10 and 12 - the body would really like to be rid of the built up toxins before this happens.

However, do use the Sanjeevinis as prophylactics for the childhood diseases - the built in prayer is that the Lord  provide protection from the ill-effects of the disease if any and if the child must go through the disease it should be at a time that is convenient and suitable and  he or she should “sail” through it. That way we have the best of it.

The dosage would be 3 doses a day for 3 days every month or whenever there is an epidemic or if you are traveling and it would be inconvenient to be sick.  Use it whenever you feel overwhelmed or threatened by external circumstances - a dose a day or 3 doses a day  - it doesn't matter.

Note : The dosage may be varied depending on your own Inner Guidance - so stay in tune.

Cultivate faith and surrender; then Grace will flow through you into every act of yours. For, they are no longer your acts, they are His and you have no concern about the consequences thereof, All acts and words and thoughts will thereafter be pure, saturated with love. Cleanse your hearts so that the Lord may be reflected therein. In his entire Splendor, in all His myriad Forms. 

 -- Bhagawan Baba


Cooking without tomatoes

A number of healers from North India are telling us that the one aspect of Diet & Lifestyle that they have not been able to implement is cooking without tomatoes because they don't know how!

Well, all you do really is replace the tomatoes with the juice of a lemon sized tamarind (imli) ball.  Wash the tamarind to remove bits of hard shell and dirt. Boil in 2 cups of water for about 10 minutes. Cool. Thoroughly rub the tamarind between your fingers until all the pulp has left it and is now in the cooking water. Add some more water if the pulp is too thick to strain. Strain through a not so fine sieve. Add this juice to whichever vegetable or daal (lentil) you are cooking.  For a change use lemon at the end of the cooking. Mango powder can be used sometimes but it does not have the positive qualities that tamarind has.

If tamarind is boiled well it will not “catch” your throat. It is a powerful antacid - tomatoes are acidic. Tamarind is invaluable in places where there is too much fluoride  in the ground water (causing Flourosis in which bones get deformed) - it has the capacity to bind the fluoride and remove it from the body. We also have a Flourosis Sanjeevini in the new lot of Sanjeevinis being sent with this newsletter.

"To give without sympathy is to build a temple without the idol and is as futile as painting a picture with black ink on a black board." 

— Swami Chinmayananda 

Piece by P.E.A.C.E.

(Protection of the Environment and All Creatures on Earth)

Compassionate Choices …...Peaceful Result

Dear Peacemakers,  Sai Ram !

“Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as

valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar” 

                                                                   - Bradley Miller

The High Court recently ruled in India that dissections in schools should be made optional. While applauding this landmark decision - the Group for P.E.A.C.E. would like to make a case for completely banning this cruel and useless practice .

Why Biology has to be treated as different from any other subject like History and Geography is difficult to understand.  Why is it necessary for children to cut an animal simply to see what a vein or artery looks like - something that is not necessary at the present stage? How many of the children who take up Biology at school level are going to end up as surgeons? And does a dissection that has been performed on a frog 7 years earlier, bear any relevance to their becoming good surgeons?

Biology is a life science not a death science.  Today, children who take up Biology  as a school subject do so for many reasons. They could be interested in pursuing careers or interests in environment, botany,  natural and self help healing options, yoga, physiotherapy, physical fitness and much more. Pursuing allopathic medicine is certainly not the only reason - in fact less than 1% of the children who pass out each year take up this career.  And once they do decide to pursue an allopathic career they will do whatever the prescribed course suggests at the college level. In the meanwhile doing away with the practice of dissections at school level will save India more than 20 million frogs annually.

Frogs are nature's predators - they protect our plants and crops. They also destroy mosquitoes. W butcher them needlessly for dissections and then wonder why Malaria and Dengue have raised their ugly heads! And then, to a proliferation of mosquitoes we typically respond by killing the entire web of existence in the soil and water by spraying deadly chemicals. The mosquitoes develop immunity to the chemicals and thrive, while humans die of not only dengue and malaria but also liver cancer caused by the chemicals.

This is not all. The hidden and the major cost of dissection lies in the desensitisation of our  children. By the time they finish with school Biology  their natural instincts of compassion and caring are  brutally destroyed. It was shocking to read a statement by a teenager on the issue. She said  “You might think I am sadistic, but after the first few sessions you learn to treat the animals as rubber objects and you are most careful not to play with the harmless animals because it makes you feel attached to them”.  Is this what we want our children to become? Do we wish to inculcate in them a lack of respect for life? What kind of adults will they grow up into? What kind of a world will they build for themselves and others?  Is it not a paradox - a career in medicine is supposedly taken up because there is a passion to serve, heal and love  - how can these  be achieved if first the children  have to give up love and compassion? Is this the reason that the medical profession has become what it has?  Today the animals are “rubber objects” tomorrow the patients will be “rubber objects”.

The Group for Peace is committed to spreading awareness of the connection between cruelty to animals and human suffering - until we truly begin to consider all creatures as an integral and indispensable part of the web of life,  human kind cannot come out of the misery it finds itself in. Please join us in our endeavour to make people aware by sharing this information with as many people as you can.

 Until next time - make the PEACE!


With prayers for peace from the Group for P.E.A.C.E.



"Whenever people say 'we mustn't be sentimental', you can take it they are about to do something cruel. And if they add, 'we must be realistic', they mean they are going to make money out of it." 

—Brigid Brophy 


Messages from the Masters


“The blind, the deaf and the lame, the armless, the puny, ignorant and the debased, the lowliest and the forlorn, all can pray to God - for prayer belongs to the heart and its feeling and not to the body. Prayer does not demand high intelligence or eloquence. God wants your heart when you pray. He knows what you wish to say! Even if you make mistakes in your prayers to Him,  even if there are mistakes in the mantras you recite, if you are sincere, if the prayer comes from your heart, He listens to it because He understands the language of your heart.”  

—  Swamy Sivananda 

“Love is the heart of religion, the theme of all classical works of art and literature, the song of all devotees. Scientists know only what love does - not what love is. Love can indeed empty our asylums, perhaps all our prisons, may be all our hospitals. People suffer in life due to lack of love. Love is to human hearts what the sun is to flowers.”  

— Swamy Chinmayananda 

“People seldom think of their own actions as bad - whatever they do seems to them at least well intentioned. But if they create disharmony for others and thus  on deeper levels of their being for themselves, those waves of disharmony will inevitably return to them in the form of disharmony. Every action, every thought, reaps its own corresponding rewards. Human suffering is not a sign of God's anger with mankind. It is a sign, rather, of men's ignorance of the Law.  The Law is forever infallible in its workings.” 

— Sri Paramahansa Yogananda 

“When Love is cultivated in our heart, it will naturally express itself as service and charity. These will become part and parcel of our nature.  The urge to serve and give will be spontaneous. We have to cultivate this spirit of service. We have to do charity to expand our heart. We must grow in love, when the little “I” the selfish ego dies, you will be God Himself, full of love and compassion  for all beings. That is the goal of this human birth”  

—  Swamy Venkatesananda 

Speech needs company, silence needs solitude.  
Speech wants to conquer others, silence helps conquer oneself.  
Speech makes friends or foes, silence befriends all.  
Speech demands respect, silence commands it.  
Speech is self-expression, silence is self-experience.  
Speech can be impressive, silence is ecstatic  
Speech has regrets, silence none.  
Speech has limitations silence is boundless.  
Speech needs effort, silence  a lot more.  

— Prema Didi (Prof. Prema Pandurang) 

Let us endeavour to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ by throwing out all that is without love in order to leave a space in which the Holy Spirit may work cleansing us of all that is evil (a veil of ignorance). Let us cleanse our doorstep of selfishness, judgement, self esteem and arrogance and give out love and kindness and understanding to whoever comes into our aura-thereby changing our basic essence, our basic energy flow-until we become the essence of what He come to teach us. 

— Mataji Narayani 

Lord, deliver us from all care for contingencies, deliver us from the ordinary outlook on things. Grant that we may hence forth see only with Thy eyes and act only by Thy will. Transform us into living torches of Thy divine love.  

— The Mother 

Helping others physically, by removing their physical needs, is indeed great; but the help is greater according as the need is greater and according as the help is far-reaching. If a man's wants can be removed for an hour, it is helping him indeed; if his wants can be removed for a year, it will be more help to him; but if his wants can be removed for ever it is surely the greatest help that can be given to him. Spiritual knowledge is the only thing that can destroy our miseries for ever; any other knowledge satisfies wants only for a time. It is only with the knowledge of the spirit that the faculty of want is annihilated for ever; so helping man spiritually is the highest help that can be given to him.  

— Swami Vivekananda 

“What for am I here, in this wilderness which men call the world? I asked. And the answer came - You are here that you may love God, and love Him intensely! And when you love Him, every stone will become a diamond, and every thorn will become a rose, and this wilderness will become a garden of flowers, fragrant and fair! … Yes love God! But to love God, I must know God! And to know God, I must think of Him, think of Him again and again, think of Him so that I think of nothing else! So let my daily life be full of little turnings towards Him, of little offerings unto Him, and of intimate and loving conversations with Him who is the Lover, the Friend and the Spouse of our souls!”  

— Dada J.P. Vaswani 

For long centuries man has exploited brother birds and animals for entertainment and sport and food and clothing. Alas! man has forgotten that the one life which flows through him, - and to which he clings as to his most precious possession, - also, flows through the animals. Like man, the animal experiences pain and pleasure. Like man, the animal depends on food and air and water for his sustenance. Like man, the animal loves his young and protects them, in times of danger, with a courage and devotion no human can surpass.  

— Dada J.P. Vaswani 

“Detachment, Faith, and Love - these are pillars on which Peace rests. Of these Faith is crucial. For without it, Sadhana (spiritual practice) is an empty rite.  Detachment alone can make sadhana effective and Love leads quickly to God. Faith feeds the agony of separation from God; detachment canalises it along the path of God; Love lights the way. God will grant you what you need and deserve; there is no need to ask, no reason to grumble. Be content, be grateful whatever happens, whenever it happens. Nothing can happen against His Will.”  

— Bhagawan Baba 

"Have no thorn of hate in your mind, develop love towards all. Desire is a storm, greed is a whirlpool, pride is a precipice, attachment is an avalanche, egoism is a volcano. Keep these things away so that when you recite the name of God or do meditation, they do not disturb the equanimity. Let love be enthroned in your heart. Then there will be sunshine and cool breezes and gurgling waters of contentment feeding the roots of faith." 


— Bhagawan Baba 

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