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Today's education system, in India and elsewhere, which leads up to today's medical system, teaches our children about the physical body - about legs and arms, about liver and lungs, about eyes and ears. Nutrition is taught in terms of the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins.

India, which is the Mother of ALL knowledge, embodies within its scriptures and within its customs and practices, the most perfect knowledge - of preventive health care, of the body, of nutrition, of disease and of the processes of restoring health.

When God made man, He made him quite complete. That is to say that God did not make man in such a manner that he would require to examine his food in the laboratory to find out if it was "balanced' and nutritious or if it was lacking in any way. God provided a laboratory in the body itself - the total experience of eating! the tools used by this laboratory are our senses of perception - our eyes, our sense of smell, our sense of touch and above all our sense of taste!

The entire experience of eating is geared towards:

  • determining the fitness or otherwise of the "food"
  • preparing the organs of digestion to "receive" the food, so that appropriate "digestive juices" or enzymes are kept in readiness at various points to quickly and surely complete the process of proper digestion.

How the food looks, smells and feels - all convey subtle "coded" information to the body. This is the reason that Indians traditionally ate with their fingers. This practice conveyed the temperature and texture of the food to the body. Also, contrary to popular belief, this way of eating is infinitely more hygienic - since no one but you eats with your hands.

Our sense of taste is the ultimate in laboratory testing. Apart from testing the food for its "fitness" it holds the key to good health, to ill health, and to restoration of health! (How - is explained later.)

Yet, the tragedy is that it is the Western module of "Biology" that is being propagated through the education system. And what is even more tragic is that in our keenness to appear "scientific" we are now bending over backwards to force the Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic streams of medicine to follow the "modern diagnostic methods".

These so-called "modern" methods were designed to suit the western physician's perception of disease. Allopathy looks at a patient in terms of his body parts - his "eyes" and "ears", his "liver" and "lungs" and disease in terms of "pathogens" or "germs". Treatment is then by "body part" specialists (ENT, Heart, Skin etc.) attacking the germs and pathogens with chemicals and drugs.

Violence is the hall mark of allopathy. First the tests are invasive and violent, then the medicines are violent - aimed at "killing" off the germs (through antibiotics and other drugs). These violate the body's natural balance killing off even beneficial bacteria and fungi. If medicines do not answer, we cut off the offending part!

(For some obscure reason, all natural ways of healing have acquired the collective name "Alternative Medicine". The truth is that these natural systems have been around a lot longer than the present incarnation of allopathy. We will refer to the natural way as the Holistic way.)

The holistic health sciences look upon the patient as an "individual" - quite unique in his individuality. Disease is not made up of "germs" and "pathogens" which can be "detected" in the laboratory. On the contrary disease is looked upon and treated as a "deviation from balance". This deviation may then invite germs to come and live in the patient, (who becomes the obliging host) - that is not the concern of the healer. The healer is only instrumental in helping the patient to "return to balance". When this happens, the body's built-in immune system takes care of the "invaders" or "germs".

Carl Jung, after a visit to India in the 1930's said :

"India has not yet withdrawn into the capsule of the head. It is still the whole body that lives.... When you walk with naked feet, how can you ever forget the earth?"

We address ourselves to our Indian brothers and sisters - do you recognise this description of you?

Urban India - in particular North India - has forgotten to walk barefoot (literally and figuratively). We have lost "touch" with Mother Earth. (The excellent and most hygienic system of leaving our shoes outside the home has not only disappeared from North India - it is looked down upon as belonging to a barbaric age).

And yes, we have withdrawn into the "capsule of the head" - where our brain constantly dwells in the world of sensuality, and its inherent vices of "kama" (desire), "krodha" (anger), "lobha" (greed), "moha" (attachment), "mada" (pride) and "matsarya" (envy).

Not long ago Indians knew (without knowing that they knew), what to eat, at what time of day or night, what to abstain from, what spices to add ore remove in order to quickly bring the body back into balance. This "knowledge", like the knowledge of the mother tongue, the knowledge of how to breathe, how to walk, how to see, was casually and unknowingly passed from parents to children.

Then along came the "western" module of education accompanied by its arrogance. Although India has long been independent, the western education module has continued to colonise the Indian mind. We rejected what our parents had taught us as being "unscientific" putting their convictions into a convenient category called "superstition". The knowledge of carbohydrates and fats, proteins and vitamins was far more "acceptable" to us because it was "scientific".

Unfortunately, the same conditioning continues today through the very same education system accompanied by the merciless onslaught of the television and the consumerism it advocates.

Instead of drinking the sweet nectar of sun-ripened fruits, we are in the grip of "kola yuga".

What is this "Indian" knowledge we speak of ?

The Ayurvedic system of healing embodies within it all aspects of life - it is a philosophy of right living - allowing for legitimate desires, and their fulfillment, without dogmas and fanaticism, but emphasising the "oneness" of creation. Within the "oneness" each being is recognised as a unique individual, with a unique constitution.

Treatment of disease therefore, is unique for every person depending on his or her constitution.

The subject of the "individual constitution" is as vast as it is fascinating. The more we study it the more there is that we do not know. Understanding this is a life-long process and we feel that healers, doctors and health care professionals (of all systems) would be richer by trying to understand this science. With this knowledge you are encouraging the patient to look within for most answers.

For parents who have growing children, it is invaluable. Life assumes a great simplicity when the knowledge of Doshas seeps into us. The importance of "preventive" health care cannot be over-emphasised - we dot need to fall sick before we understand "health". It is our hope and prayer that this knowledge will be passed on to children in every home, so that they are motivated to understand "themselves" before they embark on the voyage of adult life. Their present school syllabi falls woefully short of preparing them for life.

Indian "medicine" is all about returning to Mother Nature. We pray to Her that in Her compassion She heals all her children and this beautiful planet.

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