Sai Sanjeevini Healing Prayers Remedy for
Protection of Pregnant Women from Zika Virus

(Please share this Post with your friends and relatives living in any of the countries in  Latin America or the Caribbean where maximum threat is perceived currently. )

The need for this Sai Sanjeevini Prayers remedy
Have no fear whilst using the Sai  Sanjeevini Prayers remedies
Download Document with instructions for preparing the healing remedy.

Description of Sai Sanjeevini Healing Prayers Cards on the Combination Sheet
Sai Sanjeevini Tonic

Frequently Asked Questions:
Important Note of Caution
Community Service with Sai Sanjeevini healing remedies

 Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Loving greetings!

Most of you are aware of the huge concern being shared by WHO  about the possible damaging effects of Zika virus on pregnant women in Brazil and other Latin American and Caribbean countries where Zica Virus infections are reported to have assumed epidemic  proportion.  Medical experts are of course still not certain if the massive increase in Microcephaly (brain damage)  in infants born to Zika virus infected pregnant women has a definitive connection to the Zika virus infection

WHO and CDC are however advising pregnant women and also women planning on getting pregnant to take adequate precautions.

With immense faith in the healing and protective power of focused heartfelt Sanjeevini prayers to the Omnipotent Lord and with humility and gratitude, we are sharing this document with everyone for the protection and well being of all pregnant women and the divine souls they will be bringing into this world soon.

The attached pdf  file  has the simple Step by Step  instructions for preparing the Sai Sanjeevini Prayers healing remedy for protection of pregnant women from the damaging effects of Zika virus or any other virus or any other cause whatsoever. This prayers based remedy can be taken by all women who are  pregnant and all women who are planning for a pregnancy.  It can also be taken as a curative remedy along with any medication prescribed by the medical Doctor in case the person has caught any  infection.

Please go through the description of Sai Sanjeevini Prayers used in the remedy. It will give you a good idea of the healing, protective and rejuvenating potential of Sai Sanjeevini Prayers and your own focused heartfelt prayers.
Have no fear whilst using the Sai  Sanjeevini Prayers remedies
All Sanjeevini prayer remedies are balancing remedies. They provide protection from a disease or disorder when taken by healthy people and help in the healing process in case a disease has taken hold in the body or mind. So you can never go wrong whilst using the Sanjeevini healing prayers.

Download Document with instructions for preparing the healing remedy.

Please download the two page document for Step by Step instructions on how to prepare the Sai Sanjeevini Prayers healing remedy for protection of pregnant women from Zika virus from the link below. The Sai Sanjeevini Combination Sheet is on Page 2 of the document.

www.saisanjeevini.org/images/Zikavirus/Sanjeevinis for Zika virus.pdf

The remedy is very easy to prepare. All you need is a glass of water, a copy of the Sai Sanjeevini Combination Sheet and one minute of your heartfelt prayers to the Lord.  Prayers coming from the depths of our heart with faith can help bring miracles of protection and healing.

Description of Sai Sanjeevini Healing Prayers Cards on the Combination Sheet:

Every Body Part Sai Sanjeevini healing prayers Card (BPS) has encapsulated in it the subtle divine healing energy to heal, nourish and protect the body part to help ensure its perfectly healthy  functioning. When taken by a healthy person, a Body Parts Sanjeevini healing prayer Card will nourish and strengthen the functioning of the Body part. When taken by a person who has developed a problem or imbalance in a body part, it will act as a healing remedy to heal all imbalances or disorders in the body part.

Every Disease Sanjeevini healing prayers  Card (DS) has the subtle divine healing vibrations enshrined in it to heal all root causes of the disease and all symptoms that have manifested. When taken by a healthy person a Disease Sanjeevini Card will strengthen the body’s immunity and vital energy and help provide protection from the Disease. When taken by a person who has developed symptoms of the disease, the Disease Sanjeevini prayer will act as a healing remedy which can always be taken along with any other medicine or remedy from other systems of medicine or healing like Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathic, Naturopathy, Tibetan, Chinese medicine, Reiki, Pranic  Healing, EFT, Radionics, Vibrionics…

BPS 24 Immune System Sanjeevini healing prayer: This Sai Sanjeevini healing prayer has the subtle  healing and nourishing energy enshrined in it  to protect and strengthen the immune system of the body. It is the immune system which plays the important role of neutralizing all viruses, bacteria or other disease causing pathogens. This Sanjeevini prayer is included in the Sarva Shakti Shanti Combination (SSC 1) which is part of the Sai Sanjeevini Tonic for every one’s physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well being.

BPS 14 Eye Sanjeevini healing prayer:  Has the subtle healing energy for nourishing the eyes and healing any infection in the eyes including conjunctivitis. It is to be used for all infections in the eyes, injury in the eyes, as well as for all vision related disorders. It will act as a protective and nourishing remedy when take by a person who has healthy eyes.

BPS 44 Skin Sanjeevini healing prayer is for healing and nourishing the Skin  and for  healing all Skin related disorders including acne, chicken pox, dermatitis,  eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, scabies, shingles,  melanoma.

BPS 33 Muscle Sanjeevini healing prayer is for nourishing and strengthening every muscle in the body and for healing the root causes of any problem that may have set in the muscles due to an infection, injury or any other cause.

BPS 16 Female Sanjeevini healing prayer is for healing and nourishing every body part in the female reproductive system for a perfect functioning and for a pregnancy free from any complications.

DS 50 Fever and Flu (all types) Sanjeevini healing prayer. There can be several causes for a fever to develop. This Sanjeevini prayers has the subtle divine healing vibrations for healing all root causes of any fever or flu.  This remedy acts as a preventive remedy when taken by a healthy person who has no fever or flu. It acts as a curative remedy when taken by a person suffering from any kind of fever or flu. When taken as a curative remedy, please take it along with the medication prescribed by your medical doctor.

DS 68 Infection Sanjeevini  healing prayer has the subtle divine healing energy encapsulated in it to heal all infections and  the root causes of every infection in the body; and to protect the body from all infections.

DS 91 Pain Sanjeevini prayer  has the healing vibrations for giving immediate relief from pain in any part of the body and to heal the root causes of the pain.  It also helps increase the person’s ability to bear pain.

DS 100 Pregnancy Sanjeevini Prayer Card has encapsulated in it the subtle divine healing energy to heal and nourish the mother and the baby at the body, mind, emotion and soul levels during the entire term of pregnancy for a healthy, complication free pregnancy.

DS 30 Chldbirth Sanjeevini Prayer  has the subtle divine healing energy for a  safe  delivery of the child whenever it is meant to happen.  

Sai Sanjeevini Tonic

We strongly recommend that all  people who are new to Sanjeevini healing should have the Sai Sanjeevini Tonic remedy for a few weeks to experience the rejuvenating effect of Sai Sanjeevini prayers on the body, mind, emotions and the spirit.

The Sai Sanjeevini Tonic Combination sheet is available at the following link


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q  Can we use black & white printouts of the Sai Sanjeevini Combination Sheet?

Ans:   Yes indeed. Printouts of the Sheet in black and white are fully effective.

Q.  Can we take photocopies of the Combination Sheet for sharing with others?

Ans. Yes. Photocopies in black & white are fully effective. Photocopies of photocopies are also equally effective.

 Can we leave the glass or bottle of water on the Combination Sheet the whole day and keep drinking from it periodically?

Ans.  Yes we can. One minute is the minimum recommended time for keeping the Container on the Output circle of the Combination Sheet for charging. There is no maximum time limit. Many people do leave the bottle of water on the Combination Sheet the whole day.

Q. Can another member of the family prepare the Sai Sanjeevini Remedy for a pregnant mother in the family?

Ans. Yes of course.  Pray for her and her baby’s protection, nourishment and well being as suggested on the Combination Sheet, as you prepare the remedy.

Q  How can we use the Combination Sheet for Broadcasting the remedy to pregnant mothers at a distance?

Ans. The process for setting up a distance healing Broadcast is very simple. In the Output circle write the name of the person to whom you wish to broadcast the Sai Sanjeevini healing prayers . Pray for a minute or more from the depths of your heart for the intended beneficiary of the broadcast. The Broadcast is now on. You can refresh the broadcast every day or once in 2 to or 3 days as per your inner guidance by visualizing the Broadcast and praying for the holistic well being of the person(s). Refreshing a Broadcast is a confirmation of the purity and integrity of your healing intention for the beneficiary.

Q Can I put myself on a Sanjeevini healing Broadcast with the Sanjeevinis  besides taking the Sanjeevinis in water?

Ans.  Yes indeed. You can take the Sanjeevini remedy in water and also receive it through a Sanjeevini Broadcast.

Q. Can we broadcast the Sai Sanjeevini Remedy to a pregnant mother at a distance by using the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card?

Ans.  Yes Indeed. People who are familiar with the usage of the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card can certainly do so. They have the option of using the Combination Sheet or the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card. Both the methods are equally effective. Details on the usage of the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card are on the website under the Getting Started Menu item.

Important Note of Caution

Please remember that the Sai Sanjeevini healing system is not a substitute for your professional medical doctor who is your best guide for diagnosis, advice and treatment of any of your health related problems. You must not discontinue any medication or treatment of your professional medical doctor. The Sai Sanjeevini Tonic or any other Sai Sanjeevini healing remedy can always be taken along with any other system of medicine you are following – Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic etc. Being extremely subtle healing vibrations of prayers for establishing wholistic balance in the body, mind and spirit, the Sanjeevini prayers will never interfere with the healing happening through any other system. The Sanjeevini healing prayers will always enhance the healing process of every other system.

Community Service with Sai Sanjeevini healing remedies

Suggestions for Seva (selfless service)

Based on our humble experience, we offer the following suggestions for those who are inspired to share this Sai Sanjeevini Remedy with others.

1        The underprivileged section of every country is usually the hardest impacted during any epidemic. Share this Sai Sanjeevini Combination Sheet and the Sai Sanjeevini Tonic Combination Sheet with underprivileged pregnant mothers in your town – Please keep the sheets in a protective plastic sleeve (available in Stationery shops) before giving it to others to ensure durability.

2     Share it on social media with friends, relatives, colleagues and with neighbours.

If you have any questions or suggestions or if you wish to share your experiences, please  write to us at:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With warm regards,

In Oneness,

Sai Sanjeevini Seva team


Divine Inspirations

“Practice meditation.
You will find that you are carrying
within your heart a portable paradise.”

Parmahansa Yogananda

“One wish leads to another; one bond brings about ten others. It is in the very nature of  human desire,
for the joy one gets through its satisfaction is imperfect, limited, temporary, pregnant with grief. 
You sow bitter seeds and pray for a harvest of sweetness. You wail over the soil, the plant, the rain. 
What can they do? The seeds themselves are diseased, defective.”

“The mind must become the servant of the intellect, not the slave of the senses.
It must discriminate and detach itself from the body.
The ripe aspirant does not feel the blows of fate or fortune;
it is the unripe man who is wounded by every blow.”

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


“Look at the net (of one's personal world)and its many contradictions.
You do and undo at every step. 
You want peace, love, happiness and work hard to create pain, hatred and war. 
You want longevity and overeat, you want friendship and exploit.
See your net (result) as made of such contradictions and remove them 
- your very seeing will make them go.
What is supremely important is to be free from contradictions:
the goal and the way must not be on different levels; 
life and light must not quarrel; behaviour must not betray belief.

Call it honesty, integrity, wholeness; 
you must not go back, undo, uproot, abandon the conquered ground.
Tenacity of purpose and honesty in pursuit will bring you to your goal.”

Sri Nisargadattaji Maharaj


Samasta Loka Sukhino Bhavantu!

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi…

May all Beings in all the worlds be happy!

Om Peace, Peace, Peace!


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