A few discerning questions on the usage of the M & B card and the Neutralisation Card

We share our humble understanding in our responses below to a few interesting and discerning questions from a new Sanjeevini User from USA, on the use of the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card and the Neutralisation Card.

i am new to the Sanjeevini system & have read all the material i could find...& i have a few questions:

Q1.  Using the Multiplication card can we prepare vibrations using:

Q1(a). the picture of a Master (like Sai Baba) so to resonate with the realized state of the Master?

Ans1(a).  Using the M & B Card to transfer, through a picture, the vibrations of the essence of a Master into a medium for dispensing or for broadcasting should be possible.  Please do work with this very special idea.

The essence of Self-realization is captured in Sanjeevinis like Shakthi (Divine strength) Sanjeevini (DS 113), Shanthi (divine peace) Sanjeevini (DS 114), Prema (divine love) Sanjeevini (DS 189) and a few more, which are part of the combinations SSC 1 and  SSC 60.  Every Master epitomizes and preaches these universal values for self realization. That is the main reason for including SSC 1 and SSC 60 in every Sanjeevini remedy.

Q1 (b).  if we have a healing or chanting CD, can we place the CD on the Sample side & ask that the essence of the CD be outputed to the output bottle ?

 Ans1 (b) Yes! You should be able to transfer every positive subtle healing vibration contained in any thing using the M&B Card if that is your clear intention.

Q1 (c).   i believe that we can use herbs, gemstones, homeopathic remedies, etc to capture their essence.

 Ans1(c)   Yes indeed, the subtle essence of all these can be captured in a medium using the M & B Card.

Q1 (d). can we do the same with aromatherapy oils (like lavender, etc) to capture their essence?

Ans1 (d): Yes  again.  (We know of a few people in the Aromatherapy business who charge their oils with relevant Sanjeevini prayers before shipping.)

Q1 (e).  can we capture the essence of symbols/sigils(like the OM symbol, etc).

Ans1 (e).  Yes indeed –If your intention is completely focused on doing so.

Q2. Instead of placing the neutralization symbol under a bottle of (for example) water, can we place it on the side of the bottle?

Ans 2 For solids and liquids, it is recommended that the item should be kept on top of the Card.  However, for  neutralizing the negative effects of radiation or of negative thoughts the card can be kept in many ways. eg to neutralize the negative effect  of radiation from the computer screen or TV , we can keep the Neutralisation Card on the side of the screen or stick it anywhere on the monitor or the TV.

For neutralization of negative thoughts and emotions, the Card can be carried in ones’ pocket, or kept in the wallet or kept under the pillow or mattress…

Q3.  if we want to neutralize say a whole tray of food, do we need to have a symbol under each dish or can we place the tray on top of the neutralization symbol & all the food on the tray will be covered? & i believe that the size of the symbol is not important(any size will do).

Ans3.  All the food on the tray will be covered with one card under the tray. And you are absolutely right, any size of the Neutralisation card will do.  It is the power of your intention which is most important.

With healing prayers and kind regards,

In loving service to the divine in all beings,

Sai Sanjeevini Seva team

Divine Inspiration

“Do not serve for the sake of reward, attracting attention, or earning gratitude, or from a sense of pride at your own superiority in skill, wealth, status, or authority. Serve because you are urged by Love. When you succeed, ascribe the success to the Grace of God who urged you on, as Love within you. When you fail, ascribe the failure to your own inadequacy, insincerity, of ignorance.” 

Bhagavan Sathya Sai Baba

Samasta Loka Sukhino Bhavantu
Samasta Loka Sukhino Bhavantu
Samasta Loka Sukhino Bhavantu
Shanthi Shanthi Shanthi!!!
May all beings in all the worlds live in bliss!
Peace, Peace, Peace!!!


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