1.1        The Essence of Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini Healing
1.2         How effective is Sanjeevini Healing?
1.3         Experiences shared by Sanjeevini users from across the World
1.4         Who qualifies as a Healer?
1.5         You can never go wrong
1.6         Scope of Healing (range of Diseases/Conditions)
1.7         Are there any side effects? None! 
1.8         Community service with Sanjeevinis
1.9         Inner Evolution…through the Spirit of Surrender
1.10       Guidelines on Diet and Lifestyle for Health and Harmony

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The experiences of a few healers from across the world will give you some idea of the potential and scope of the healing system. However, when you work with the subtle healing vibrations of prayers, the conviction about the system's effectiveness can only develop through your personal experience. Testimonials from others can at best be an inspiration for getting started.

It is therefore recommended that you should use the Sanjeevinis for all kinds of problems: simple, acute, chronic and the most difficult ones too. Some people may not be able to dispense remedies in a medium for various reasons.  That should not discourage them from gaining more experience. They can always setup Sanjeevini Broadcasts. Distance Healing through Broadcasting of Sanjeevinis is as effective as giving the Sanjeevinis in a medium. Use this simple yet most profound method to enhance your healing experiences.


IMPORTANT  Please note and always remember the following:

 1.  That your professional medical doctor is your best guide for diagnosis and treatment of your medical problems. 

2.   Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini healing fragrances system being shared in this book 'A Healer’s Guide’, is not a substitute for your medical doctor's diagnosis and treatment of your health problems. Sanjeevinis are subtle vibrations of prayers and should be taken along with any other medication prescribed by the Doctor.


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