5.1     Introduction
5.2     What is a Sample of a Sanjeevini Combination?
5.3     What is the advantage of keeping Samples of Selected Sanjeevini Combinations?
5.4     What are the items required for preparing the SSC Samples?
5.5     Which mediums are good for preparing SSC Samples?
5.6     Which containers should be used for Preparing the SSC Samples?
5.7     How are SSC Samples prepared? Examples of SSC1, SSC 60, SSC 2
5.8     How is a Sample of a sub combination of a Selected Sanjeevini Combination to be prepared-SSC 2(a)
5.9     Charging the entire stock of the medium with SSC 1 and SSC 60
5.10   Is it necessary to recharge SSC Samples periodically? Say every month or so.
5.11   How to store the SSC Samples for easy retrieval during the healing work?

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In this Chapter you will get clarity on how to prepare Samples of the 70 Selected Sanjeevini Combinations and a few important sub Combinations as given in Chapter 4 Selected Sanjeevini Combinations.  By doing so you would have a rich hands on experience of preparing Sanjeevini healing remedies for well over 200 ailments/problems for helping yourself and others in preserving and restoring wholistic health. Each of the 70 Basic Combinations is used as a base for several other ailments which are listed under the Basic Combination in Chapter 4.

People who have spent about 4 to 5 hours preparing samples of all the Combinations have never looked back in their Sanjeevini healing work. Most of their doubts get cleared whilst preparing the samples and they can confidently prepare Sanjeevini remedies for the most complicated cases.

Important :

Please do not be in a hurry whilst preparing your SSC Samples. Let the mind be completely dedicated and devoted to this sacred work whenever you decide to do it. You can prepare all the 70 samples in one day or in 3 to 5 days, doing a few Samples each day.

The samples are usually prepared by healers individually on their own. However if the preparation is done in groups with 2 or more dedicated people, it can be a very deep spiritual experience with collective chanting and prayers. Be in prayerful communion with God whilst engaged in the preparation. Joyfully and gratefully visualize miraculous healings happening through the Samples being prepared, with the Lord's healing grace.


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