6.1     Notes in brief on a few Body Parts Sanjeevinis
6.2     Notes in brief on a few Diseases Sanjeevinis

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A Body Part Sanjeevini is to be used for healing any problem in that body part. e.g. BPS 3 Arm and Hand Sanjeevini is to be used for any injury, rash, boil, bleeding, swelling, infection, paralysis anywhere on the arm or hand. It is therefore quite simple to understand the usage of every Body Part Sanjeevini.

A brief explanation of some of the Body Parts Sanjeevinis is given below to give more clarity on their usage.

BPS 2 Alimentary Canal (Mouth to Anus) Sanjeevini

BPS 22 Heart Sanjeevini

BPS 38 Pancreas Sanjeevini

BPS 54 Whole Body Sanjeevini

BPS 55 Body (Left Side) Sanjeevini

BPS 56 Body (Right Side) Sanjeevini

BPS 57 Colon Sanjeevini

BPS 58 Joints Sanjeevini

BPS 59 Lips Sanjeevini

BPS 60 Ovaries Sanjeevini

BPS 2 Alimentary Canal (Mouth to Anus) Sanjeevini : Use the Sanjeevini for healing and rejuvenating the entire digestive and eliminative tract. Use it with DS 42 Digestion Sanjeevini and DS 34 Constipation Sanjeevini  for all digestion and elimination related  problems besides other relevant Sanjeevinis e.g. DS 1 ACID Sanjeevini for Acidity, Colic, Indigestion. Please see SSC 16 Digestion Combination in Chapter 4.

BPS 22 Heart Sanjeevini : For invigorating the Heart and for healing all symptoms and causes of heart related problems like Angina, Arteriosclerosis, Hypertension, Palpitations. Please See SSC 25 Heart Combination.

BPS 38 Pancreas Sanjeevini : For healing & rejuvenating this important insulin producing gland. Used for healing all types of Diabetes. Also for healing Pancreatic infections and Cancer.

BPS 54 Whole Body Sanjeevini is for healing the whole body. The prayer for this Sanjeevini has included "seeking forgiveness" for karmic causes at the levels of the Astral body and the Causal body and that such karma be released in the dream level. Use this Sanjeevini when ever you feel (a) the whole body is affected; (b) when there appear to be karmic causes; (c) disorders appear at birth - even if the whole body is not involved e.g. blindness; (d) whenever you feel the inner urge to use it.

BPS 55 Body (Left Side) Sanjeevini

BPS 56 Body (Right Side) Sanjeevini

It is not necessary for the whole left or right side of the body to be affected by a problem to justify the use of these two Sanjeevinis. If say, the left arm is injured or paralysed, along with the rest of the necessary Sanjeevinis (including BPS 3 Arm and Hand Sanjeevini), the Body (Left Side) Sanjeevini can also be used.

BPS 57 Colon Sanjeevini : Please see the detailed write up on the importance of a clean Colon under SSC 16 (m) Prolapsed Colon Combination in the Selected Sanjeevini Combination Chapter.

BPS 58 Joints Sanjeevini : This Sanjeevini is for disorders of any joints in the body - for example - add it to SSC 32 Rheumatism, Arthritis, Gout combination whenever any joint is affected.

BPS 59 Lips Sanjeevini : Sanjeevini prayers become more focused when we close in on smaller sections of the body - hence this Sanjeevini - use it as required with other combinations as you would other body part Sanjeevinis.

BPS 60 Ovaries Sanjeevini : Add this Sanjeevini to the main  SSC 20 Female Problems Combination whenever needed. The medical profession and women in general have a very limited vision of the ovaries. They are not just egg producing machines - they produce very important hormones which regulate many systems in the woman's body. After menopause, everyone thinks that the ovaries and the uterus are completely dispensable. Nothing that God created was without meaning and purpose. After menopause, when the ovaries stop producing eggs, their inner layer takes over and continues to produce female hormones which make certain that we move without problems into and through our old age. By removing the ovaries women become a captive market for consuming the hormones that the pharmaceutical industry produces. However, the ovaries, in their astral form continue to live inside the woman's body (just as an amputated leg which is "no longer there" wants to be scratched or pressed).

The Ovaries Sanjeevinis is programmed with prayers to work not only on the "real" ovaries but also on the astral ovaries - with the prayer to reactivate the hormone activity through these astral bodies working on the scar tissue of the removed ovaries.

So do not hesitate to use any body parts even if they are no longer there - their astral counterparts will take over the function with the prompt of the Sanjeevini prayer.

Note: "Reclaiming Our Health" by John Robbins (who also authored "Diet for a New America") has a wonderful section (in fact the major part of the book) on the subject of how women are misguided, misinformed and misused by vested interests. This book is a "must read" for every woman, medical practitioner, healer and anyone wanting to make an informed choice on cancer treatment.


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