3.1         Releasing the Fear
3.2         Begin with a Silent Prayer
3.3         Which Sanjeevinis to Select for an Ailment?
3.4         Choosing a Medium for Your Remedy
3.5        How To Prepare a Sanjeevini Remedy using your chosen Medium

              3.5.1     A few Examples of how to Prepare Sanjeevini Remedies
              3.5.2     Frequently Asked Questions on how to Prepare a Sanjeevini Remedy

3.6         What is the Dosage for a Sanjeevini Remedy?
3.7         Different ways of using Sanjeevinis
3.8         Selected Sanjeevini Combinations
3.9         Preparing Samples of the 70 Selected Sanjeevini Combinations
3.10       The use of the Multiplication and Broadcasting Card

               3.10.1        Multiplication Function of the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card
               3.10.1.a     Adding more Sanjeevinis to your Sample or Remedy.       
               3.10.1.b     Preparing Vibrations from a given gross substance using the M&B Card
          Frequently Asked Questions on Multiplication Function of the M&B Card

               3.10.2        Broadcasting Function of the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card
          Frequently Asked Questions on Broadcasting Function of the M&B Card  

3.11      The use of the Neutralisation Card
             (Neutralising Negativity and Purifying substances)

3.12      Sanjeevinis as Prophlactives or Preventives
3.13      Importance of offering Heartfelt Prayers whilst Preparing or Broadcasting a Sanjeevini Remedy
3.14      Sanjeevini Remedy Kit for Patients
3.15      Advantages of giving a Sanjeevini Remedy Kit to Patients
3.16      Preparing sets of M&B Cards, M&B Cards Stations, Neutralization Cards, M&B Card One Sample to Many Outputs and
             Many Samples to One Output

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3.15  Advantages of giving a Sanjeevini Remedy Kit to Patients 

Advantages of giving a Sanjeevini Remedy Kit to Patients for preparing their own remedy, instead of dispensing the remedy in Homeo globules.

When you are dispensing Sanjeevini remedies to members of your family or to relatives and friends, you can use any medium - Homeo globules or water or Vibhuti, for preparing the Sanjeevini remedy for them.  They know you well and have full faith in you and will therefore accept the remedy in any medium without any hesitation.

When you are dispensing Sanjeevini remedies to people in a community centre or to patients who are not personally known to you (specially people you serve during Calamities), it is best to  give them a Sanjeevini Remedy Kit which has a sample of their Sanjeevini remedy in a small bottle or a plastic or paper bag, along with a laminated copy of the M&B Card. Please see Sections 3.14. The Sanjeevini sample can be prepared in any medium like vibhuti, pills, turmeric powder, water or rice grains. The best medium for preparing a sample is vibhuti because it lasts for ever.  If Vibhuti is not available you can use Homeo globules, Turmeric powder or Rice grains or Distilled water. See Exhibit 21 on Page E-9.

Advantages of giving the Sanjeevini  Remedy Kit to patients or to people affected in calamities

1.  No need to come back for a refill : The patient can prepare his/her remedy with the Sanjeevini Kit everyday in water so there is no need for the patient to come back for a refill. If the remedy is given in pills, the patient is usually given a limited quantity in a one or two drahm bottle  and is required to come back  after a week or a fortnight  for a refill of the remedy.

2. Safe and secure: The Sanjeevini sample bottle in the Sanjeevini Remedy Kit does not have to be opened at all. So there is no risk of the charged medium dropping and getting wasted.

3.  No violation of any laws of any country: In some countries there may be strict laws preventing healers from giving any remedy for oral ingestion, in pills or water, even though the remedies are being given free of cost as a selfless service. When you give a Sanjeevini Remedy Kit to a patient, you are not giving any thing for oral ingestion. The patient can prepare his/her own remedy in a medium of his/her choice, using the Sanjeevini Sample and the M&B Card in the Kit. The medium can be water, pills or any other food item or drink.

4The patient is self empowered : The patient is actively involved in the remedy preparing process on a daily basis in a medium of his/her choice. As the patient develops faith in the power of prayers, there is self empowerment.

5.  Patient can say prayers from his/her faith: The patient has the freedom to say his/her own prayer from any faith whilst charging the water on a daily basis with the healing kit. People who do not believe in God can be in silence during the process of preparing the remedy. Please see Section 3.13

6. Economical - one Kit is enough for an entire family: If you are sharing Sanjeevini Remedy Kits in Calamities or Epidemics, one Kit per family is enough. Everyone in the family can charge their drinking water from the same Kit as the Sample is common.

Also if you are sharing the Sai Sanjeevini Tonic Remedy ( SSC 70 in Chapter 4)  with people, one Kit per family is adequate.

7.  Universally accepted : The Sanjeevini Remedy Kit is universally accepted with joy and gratitude by everyone. In the last few years, we have shared the Sanjeevini Healing Kits with thousands of people in workshops, in settlements of underprivileged brethren, with people affected in calamities, with people in the armed forces, school and college students and teachers, Every one has shown keenness for having a kit. In fact many people ask for extra Kits for their friends or relatives. 

8.  Setting Up Healing Broadcasts : The patient can be taught the process of setting up a healing Broadcast with the sample and the M&B Card provided in the Kit. Please see  Section 3.10.2. This is particularly useful for people affected by Calamities or Epidemics.


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