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2.1         A Gift of Love
2.2         Significance of the Name of the Healing System
2.3         What are Sanjeevinis?
2.4         Creation of Sanjeevini Cards
2.5         Categories of Sanjeevinis
2.5.1      Sub Categories of Body Part Sanjeevinis (BPS): 60 in Number
2.5.2      Sub Categories of 264 Disease Sanjeevinis (DS) 
2.6         Sanjeevini Combinations
2.7         Healing with the Sai Sanjeevinis – An Overview
2.8         Getting Started with Sanjeevini Healing

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These Sanjeevini patterns are for healing specific body parts or body systems (regardless of the name of the disease afflicting that body part or body system.)

There are two sub categories under the Body Parts Sanjeevinis: Please see the complete List of Sanjeevinis in these two sub categories in Part 3 of the book.

  1. Sanjeevinis for healing Body Parts e.g. Leg & Foot Sanjeevini, Heart Sanjeevini, Liver Sanjeevini.
  2. Sanjeevinis for healing Body Systems e.g. Circulatory System Sanjeevini, Immune System Sanjeevini, Lymphatic System Sanjeevini.

Examples of these two sub categories are given in Exhibits 2 & 3 below.



                                       Exhibit 2 - Body Parts Sanjeevinis (BPS) - Sub Category 1 



                                     Exhibit 3 - Body Parts Sanjeevinis (BPS) - Sub Category 2


Quotes for end of Chapter


Healing Prayers

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