3.1         Releasing the Fear
3.2         Begin with a Silent Prayer
3.3         Which Sanjeevinis to Select for an Ailment?
3.4         Choosing a Medium for Your Remedy
3.5        How To Prepare a Sanjeevini Remedy using your chosen Medium

              3.5.1     A few Examples of how to Prepare Sanjeevini Remedies
              3.5.2     Frequently Asked Questions on how to Prepare a Sanjeevini Remedy

3.6         What is the Dosage for a Sanjeevini Remedy?
3.7         Different ways of using Sanjeevinis
3.8         Selected Sanjeevini Combinations
3.9         Preparing Samples of the 70 Selected Sanjeevini Combinations
3.10       The use of the Multiplication and Broadcasting Card

               3.10.1        Multiplication Function of the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card
               3.10.1.a     Adding more Sanjeevinis to your Sample or Remedy.       
               3.10.1.b     Preparing Vibrations from a given gross substance using the M&B Card
          Frequently Asked Questions on Multiplication Function of the M&B Card

               3.10.2        Broadcasting Function of the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card
          Frequently Asked Questions on Broadcasting Function of the M&B Card  

3.11      The use of the Neutralisation Card
             (Neutralising Negativity and Purifying substances)

3.12      Sanjeevinis as Prophlactives or Preventives
3.13      Importance of offering Heartfelt Prayers whilst Preparing or Broadcasting a Sanjeevini Remedy
3.14      Sanjeevini Remedy Kit for Patients
3.15      Advantages of giving a Sanjeevini Remedy Kit to Patients
3.16      Preparing sets of M&B Cards, M&B Cards Stations, Neutralization Cards, M&B Card One Sample to Many Outputs and
             Many Samples to One Output

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Every time you prepare a Sanjeevini remedy for someone, you are giving the person a combination of a few Sanjeevinis based on the symptoms or diseases the person is suffering from at the physical, mental, emotional, social or spiritual level, and Sanjeevinis for Body Parts affected.

Chapter 4 Selected Sanjeevini Combinations lists out suggestions for Combinations of Sanjeevinis for over two hundred diseases/problems. There are 70 main Selected Sanjeevini Combinations. Many of these 70 Combinations have one or more sub-combinations for different ailments. This is the main reference material for all healers, in particular for those who are just starting to work with the healing system.

For derails of all the 70 Combinations and the associated sub Combinations, please go to chapter 4

It is very useful to go through this entire chapter to become aware of the range of diseases covered. It will give you a good understanding on how to select relevant Sanjeevinis for different ailments. You are then ready to confidently create a Sanjeevini Combination for any disease or problem that may not be covered under Chapter 4.


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