5.1     Introduction
5.2     What is a Sample of a Sanjeevini Combination?
5.3     What is the advantage of keeping Samples of Selected Sanjeevini Combinations?
5.4     What are the items required for preparing the SSC Samples?
5.5     Which mediums are good for preparing SSC Samples?
5.6     Which containers should be used for Preparing the SSC Samples?
5.7     How are SSC Samples prepared? Examples of SSC1, SSC 60, SSC 2
5.8     How is a Sample of a sub combination of a Selected Sanjeevini Combination to be prepared-SSC 2(a)
5.9     Charging the entire stock of the medium with SSC 1 and SSC 60
5.10   Is it necessary to recharge SSC Samples periodically? Say every month or so.
5.11   How to store the SSC Samples for easy retrieval during the healing work?

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The following 6 Items are needed to prepare your SSC samples. Please see description of each item below.

Once you are ready with all the six items, please go to the Section 5.7 How are SSC Samples prepared - step by step instructions. 

1. Medium in which Samples are to be prepared - Vibhuti, Homeo pills, Turmeric Powder...
2. Containers for keeping the medium – small size plastic or glass bottles, small cello bags.
3. A Wooden or Plastic Box or zip lock Cello bags for storage and easy retrieval of Prepared Samples
4. A Multiplication & Broadcasting Card
5. All The Sanjeevini Healing Cards : 60 Body parts Sanjeevini Healing Cards and 264 Diseases Sanjeevini Healing Cards ( Available in Part 3 of this book)
6. Labels with SSC Sample No for sticking on the storage bottles. Please see Exhibit 9 on Page E-7 of Exhibits. Plain labels available from stationary shops can also        be used.


1.  Medium in which Samples are to be prepared

Please see Exhibit 21 on Page E-9 of Exhibits.

This could be any one of the following.

a) Vibhuthi (sacred ash) b) Homeo globules c) Turmeric powder d) White Rice grain e) Any other medium that is long lasting and convenient to store in small amounts.

200 gms of Vibhuti is adequate. You need to fill only a ¼ to ½  the size of a small bottle with the medium for preparing the sample. Vibhuti  usually comes in packets of 100 gms each and is available at Sai Baba Centres worldwide. Exhibit 20 on Page E-9 of Exhibits.  

400 gms of Homeo globules are sufficient. These usually come in packets of 400 gms each and can be procured from any Homeopathic pharmacy worldwide.

200 gms of turmeric powder (haldi) This powder is used extensively in Indian cooking and in many traditional Ayurvedic healing remedies. It is easily available worldwide in most grocery stores or Supermarkets. It can even be mail ordered  online in some countries.

200 grams of White rice. Easily available globally. A few grains (15 to 20) of rice are adequate for each sample.

400 ml of Distilled water- check the shelf life if you are using this medium.


2 . Containers for keeping the medium:

Please see Exhibit 21 on Page E-9 of Exhibits

his is usually any of the following:

a.  Plastic or glass bottles of ½ or one drahm size for storing globules, vibhuthi, Turmeric powder or rice grains. You will need at least 70 bottles, one for each of the 70 SSC Samples. Its always good to keep a stock of empty bottles for  dispensing or for Broadcasting.  So you could start with buying a packet of 100 bottles of size ½ drahm or 1 drahm.

 If you are going to store all the samples in a wooden box with slots for keeping bottles, then choose the size of the bottles which fit in the slots. If you are storing the samples in Zip Cello bags, then 1/2 drahm size bottle  is recommended.

b.  Small size transparent zip cello bags. 1 ½” by 1 ½ “ sizes are usually sufficient for preparing samples with Vibhuti, globules, turmeric powder or rice grains asthe medium. Please see Exhibit 21 on Page E-9.


3. Box or bigger size Cello bags for storage and easy retrieval of Prepared Samples

 Please see Exhibits 23 on Page E-10 of Exhibits.

 For storage and retrieval of prepared Samples, the following two are the commonly used options.

 a. Wooden, Cardboard or Plastic box for storage of sample bottles. The boxes are usually available at Homeopathic Stores. Please get a box with 84 or more slots so that you will have a place to store some of the important sub-combinations as well besides the 70 Basic Combinations.

This option is recommended as a first preference. However since this may take some time, you can start by storing your sample bottles in cello bags as explained below and later switch over to a box when it is available.

 You could do a Google search with “Homeopathic remedies Storage Boxes” to locate the suppliers of boxes in your area. Many Homeo stores sell empty boxes            without the Homeo remedies.

 b. Bigger size Zip lock Cello bags in which 10 to 12 sample bottles or small size cello bags with samples can easily be stored. The size 6” x 4” for the Cello                bags  is a good size for keeping the samples prepared in bottles, in case the Wooden Storage box is not available (say 10 sample bottles in one bag). Please               see Exhibit 23 on Page E-10 of Exhibits


4. A  Multiplication & Broadcasting Card

The M & B card can be used as given directly in Exhibit 4 of Page E-2 of Exhibits. Lamination of the Cards ensures that they do not  get smudged or torn due to extensive usage. Get the M&B Cards Page (Exhibit-4) laminated so that you can have six cards ready for use and sharing. Please remember that the M & B Cards in Black and White are equally effective.


5  The Sanjeevini Healing Cards:

All the Sanjeevini Healing Prayer Cards - 60 Body Parts Sanjeevinis Healing Prayer Cards and 264 Diseases Sanjeevinis Healing Prayers Cards.

You can view and down load each Sanjeevini Card Online from th links below:

        Body Parts Sanjeevini Healing Prayers Cards Online           Diseases Sanjeevini Healing Prayers Cards Online


You can download the complete set of Sai Sanjeevini Healing Prayers Cards in the File Part 3 Sai Sanjeevini Healing Cards pdf. from the  from the link below:



6.  Lables with SSC Sample Nos. Please see Exhibit-9 on Page E-7. Plain labels available in stationery shops can also be used.


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