Selected Sanjeevini Combinations Sheets for SSC 1 to SSC 70

What is a Selected Sanjeevini Combination?:   Every time you prepare a Sai Sanjeevini healing prayers remedy for someone, you are giving the person a Combination of a few Sanjeevinis based on the body parts affected and a few Sanjeevinis based on the symptoms or diseases the person is suffering from at the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. A Sanjeevini Combination can consist of :

(a) Only Body Parts Sanjeevinis or

(b) Only Disease Sanjeevinis or

(c) Body Parts Sanjeevinis and Diseases Sanjeevinis or

d) Body Parts Sanjeevinis, Diseases Sanjeevini and one or more Selected Sanjeevini Combinations.

What is a Sanjeevini Combination Sheet: A Selected Sanjeevini Combination Sheet has all the Body Parts Sanjeevini Cards and Diseases Sanjeevini Cards printed on it. All Cards are connected to a Central Output circle on which the medium to be charged is placed for a minute or more. The medium in which the Sanjeevini Remedy is being prepared can be water, vibhuti (holy ash), Homeo globules, Crystals or any other medium of your choice. 

Downloading, Printing and Filing the SSC Combination Sheets : Clicking on any SSC No in the table below will open the pdf file for the Combination Sheet for that Selected Sanjeevini Combination. E.g. If you click on SSC 3 Anaemia you will have the Combination Sheet for SSC 3 Anaemia Combination appearing on your screen. This can be downloaded on your PC and saved in a new Folder (named Selected Sanjeevini Combination Sheets). It is good to download all pdf files of Combination sheets from SSC 1 to SSC 70 into this folder so that you can have access to all the Sheets offline even when the Internet is not working.

Take Printouts of all the 70 Combinations Sheets from SSC 1 to SSC 70. Store these carefully in a file with plastic sleeves. 

Please click on the link  "How to use the SSC Sheets" below for more details on how to use the SSC Sheets for preparing and broadcasting Sanjeevini healing prayers remedies. 

How to use SSC Sheets

View, Download & Print SSC Sheets for SSC 1 to 70, from the Table below

(You can go through  the Description of every Sanjeevini Combination from SSC 1 to SSC 70 by clicking HERE)





SSC 1 - Sarva Shakti Shanti (Supreme Strength and Peace)

Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Entities, Fears, Hyperactivity, Indecisiveness,Phobias, Resentment, Schizophrenia, Sleep disorders, Stress, Violence.

SSC 2 - Allergies (All)

SSC 2 (a) Hayfever,   SSC 2(b) Urticaria (Hives or pithi),   SSC 2(c)Allergic Asthma.

SSC 3 - Anaemia

All types

SSC 4 - Back Problems

SSC 4(a) Spondylitis, SSC 4(b) Slipped Disc, SSC 4(c) Sciatica, SSC 4(d) Lumbago (low back pain), SSC 4 (e) Frozen Shoulder.

SSC 5 - Bedwetting


SSC 6 - Bleeding or Haemmorhage


SSC 7 - Bites and Stings


SSC 8 - Blood Pressure (high)


SSC 9 - Blood Pressure (low)


SSC 10 - Brain Power

Mental Retardation, Physical Retardation, SSC 10 (c) Autism, Downes Syndrome, Epilepsy, Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Better Memory, Dementia, Examination Stress, Coma. 

SSC 11 - Burns


SSC 12 - Cleansing & Kidney

Urinary Tract Infection, Kidney Failure(Renal Failure), Kidney Stones (or stones anywhere in the urinary tract).

SSC 13 - Cold & Sinus problems


SSC 14 - Constipation problems

SSC 14 (a) Piles (Haemerrhoids)

SSC 15 - Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus, Juvenile Diabetes

SSC 16 - Digestion problems

Flatulence (Gas), Acidity, Indigestion Colic, Hiccups, Diarrhoea and Dysentry, Ulcer, Worms & Parasites, SSC 16 (c) Cholera, Colitis, Crohn's Disease/ Celiac Disease, Poisoning.

SSC 17 - Ear problems

Deafness, Tinnitus, Meniere's Disease Vertigo and giddiness, Pus in the ear.

SSC 18 - Emergencies 


SSC 19 - Eye

Conjunctivitis, Vision, Astigmatism Night blindness, SSC 19 (e) Cataract, SSC 19 (f) Glaucoma, Styes, Blindess (due to injuries), SSC 19 (i) Squint Eye, Tearing Eyes and Dry Eyes.

SSC 20 - Female problems

Leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge), Puberty (girls), Menopause, Menstrual Disorders, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Threatened Miscarriage, Fibroids, Tumours, Cysts and Growths, Prolapsed Uterus, Infertility, Pre-Menstrual Tension

SSC 21- Fevers & Flu (all types)

Malaria, Typhoid, Chicken pox, Measles, Mumps, Tonsilitis, Diphtheria, Filaria, Dengue, Meningitis, Yellow Fever, Swine Flu.

SSC 22- Glands Including Cancer& AIDS

AIDS, Cancer, Tumours.

SSC 23 - Hair problems

Lice, Dandruff.

SSC 24 - Headache problems


SSC 25 - Heart

Angina, Arteriosclerosis, Atherosclerosis, Palpitations, Hole in the heart.

SSC 26 - Injuries


SSC 27 - Liver problems

Jaundice (including all types of hepatitis), Gall Stones, Cirrhosis of the Liver.

SSC 28 - Lung & Chest

Bronchitis, Cough, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Primary Complex (Beginning of Tuberculosis), Asthma, Pneumonic plague, Oxygenation. 

SSC 29 - Male problems

Puberty, Prostate problems, Hydrocele, Infertility.

SSC 30 - Paralysis

Cerebral palsy, Polio.
SSC 31 - Pus & Drawing Boils and Abscesses, Fissures, Fistula.
SSC 32 - Rheumatism, Arthirtis and Gout  
SSC 33 - Skin problems Psoriasis, Eczema, Fungal infection (including ringworm , Dhobi's itch, Barber's rash), Urticaria (Pitthi/ Hives), Leucoderma (Vitiligo - white pigmentationon the skin), Herpes Zoaster (Shingles), Herpes Simplex, Scabies.
SSC 34 - Sunstroke  
SSC 35 - Teeth & Gums Caries, Teething in babies, Pyorrhoea and Bleeding gums.
SSC 36 - Thyroid problems Simple Goitre, Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism.
SSC 37 - Tonsilitis & Other Throat problems Dry cough, Tonsils with Pus.
SSC 38 - Ulcers Ulcers of any part of the digestive system,or any other part due to diabetesor old injury or cancer.
SSC 39 - Vomitting  
SSC 40 - Addictions Alcohol related, Caffeine related, Nicotine related, Drug related
SSC 41 - Anorexia (loss of appetite)  
SSC 42 - Appendicitis   
SSC 43 - Gonorrhoea  
SSC 44 - Hernia  
SSC 45 - Incontinence Urinary incontinence, Sexual incontinence, Incontinence of desires (uncontrollable desire for any thing).
SSC 46 - Leprosy  
SSC 47 - Marasmus  
SSC 48 - Muscular Dystrophy   
SSC 49 - Obesity (being overweight)  
SSC 50 - Polyps  
SSC 51 - Septicaemia  
SSC 52 - Syphillis  
SSC 53 - Water Retention  
SSC 54 - Whooping Cough  
SSC 55 - Vaccine Antidote   
SSC 56 - Bone Disorders Bone Injuries, Osteoporosis, Fluorosis, Bunions, Growths, Spurs.
SSC 57 - Soil Rejuvenation  
SSC 58 - Animals & Birds  Ticks & Fleas, Canine Distemper, Mange, PFBD (Beak and Feather disease).
SSC 59 - Removal of & Protection Negative Emotions Lust(kama), Anger ( krodha), Greed(lobha), Ego (ahamkara), Resentment, Fear, Anxiety, Depression, Envy, Scandal-mongering (talking ill of others)
SSC 60 – Awakening & Nourishment of Divine Values Sathya, (Truth), Dharma(Right Conduct), Shanthi(Peace), Prema(Love), Ahimsa(Non-violence), Forgiveness, Honesty, Gratitude, Humility, Compassion(Karuna),Smile of inner joy, Auspiciouness

SSC 61 Sanjeevini Combination for Healing and Protection of all Beings Affected in Calamities

(Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes, Forest Fires…)

Please see important details under SSC 61  in Chapter 4 on Selected Sanjeevini Combinations.
SSC 62   Drought Relief Please see important details under SSC 62  in Chapter 4 on Selected Sanjeevini Combinations.
SSC 63- Sanjeevini Combinations for safe release of Victims of Kidnapping or Hijacking  
SSC 64 Peace and Harmony between Nations at War  
SSC 65 Sanjeevini Combination for Healing and Protection during Epidemics  
SSC 66  Sanjeevini Combination for Social Upliftment of Underprivileged People   
SSC 67 Sanjeevini Combination for Environmental Pollution   
SSC 68 Sanjeevini Combination for Dedicated Efforts and Auspicious Results In Examinations  
SSC 69 Sanjeevini Combination for Peace  and Tranquility of Departed Souls  
SSC 70 Sai Sanjeevini Tonic for Rejuvenating the Body, Mind and Soul