2.1         A Gift of Love
2.2         Significance of the Name of the Healing System
2.3         What are Sanjeevinis?
2.4         Creation of Sanjeevini Cards
2.5         Categories of Sanjeevinis
2.5.1      Sub Categories of Body Part Sanjeevinis (BPS): 60 in Number
2.5.2      Sub Categories of 264 Disease Sanjeevinis (DS) 
2.6         Sanjeevini Combinations
2.7         Healing with the Sai Sanjeevinis – An Overview
2.8         Getting Started with Sanjeevini Healing

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It helps to remember the potential of what we are working with once in a while, and hence we share a brief explanation of the prayers that created the Sanjeevini healing patterns. These patterns are also known as Sanjeevini healing cards. We would like to clarify that to heal with or use the Sanjeevinis you do not need to understand the process of their creation. This information has only been included for your knowledge, and so that you know the vastness of Sanjeevinis' potential.                                                

The Sanjeevini patterns have been prepared using the science of Radiesthesia. We have prayed for guidance to arrive at a pattern which represents God's Own healing energy.

The prayers sent forth to the Divine are, to provide a pattern using 'His/Her Own Sanathana (Timeless/Eternal) Healing Energy' – which of course includes all known and unknown healing forces in Nature :

  1. a) which will heal a particular Body Part or Disease at all levels of existence. This includes the physical, mental and causal levels; waking, dream and sleep levels; and body, mind and spirit levels.
  2. b) which will heal causes, symptoms, and repercussions manifesting as Diseases in the Body Parts or the Mind. Since the repercussions of ill health and disease go beyond the body and mind, and could include amongst other things: financial and social repercussions – the prayers embrace these too.
  3. c) which will strengthen the inborn natural immunity to prevent disease or any imbalance in the body and the mind.
  4. d) which will awaken the supreme wisdom within every being to live by divine values like truth, righteousness, peace, unconditional love and non-violence.

The prayers include all this and much more, and are therefore vast in their potential.


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