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Exhibit 1 Two categories of Sanjeevinis Ch 2-2 Sec 2.3

Exhibit 2

Body Parts Sanjeevinis (BPS) - Sub Category 1 Ch 2-4 Sec 2.5.1
Exhibit 3 Body Parts Sanjeevinis (BPS) - Sub Category 2

Ch 2-4 Sec 2.5.1
Exhibit 4 Exhibit 4 Multiplication & Broadcasting Card (Six Cards on a Page) E-2

Exhibit 5  Multiplication & Broadcasting Cards Stations  (Four on a Page) E-3

Exhibit 6  Neutralisation Cards (Nine Cards on a Page) E-4

Exhibit 7 Neutralisation Card - A 4 size E-5

Exhibit 7 A  Neutralisaion Card image Ch 3-24

Sect 3.11
Exhibit 8 Sanjeevini Labels for prepared Remedies E-6

Exhibit 9 Sanjeevini labels for SSC Samples ( please see Chapter 5) E-7

Exhibit 10 Commonly used mediums for dispensing E-8

Exhibit 11

Charging a medium with the healing vibrations of a Sanjeevini healing Card E-8  
Exhibit 12

Example 1 Preparing a Sanjeevini Remedy for a bleeding leg injury, in Water  E-8  
Exhibit 12 A

Example 1 Preparing a Sanjeevini Remedy for a bleeding leg injury, in Homeo globules  Ch3-7 Sec 3.5.1
Exhibit 13

Absorbing Sanjeevini vibrations by Touch E-8  
Exhibit 14

Printing Sanjeevini Patterns on Coasters E-8  
Exhibit 15

Multiplication & Broadcasting Card Ch 3 - 18 Sec 3.10
Exhibit 16 

Transferring vibrations from a charged Sanjeevini Sample into a fresh medium E-8  
Exhibit 17

Charging water in a Glass, Bottle and Jug from a charged Sanjeevini sample E-9  
Exhibit 18

Charging Pills, Vibhuti, Turmeric powderin large containers from a charged Vibhuti sample E-9  
Exhibit 19

SanjeeviniRemedy Kits for Patients with Sanjeevini Sample in Vibhuti and an M7B Card E-9  
Exhibit 20

Commonly used mediums for preparing Selected Sanjeevini Samples E-9  
Exhibit 21

Samples in different mediums for preparing SSC Samples kept in Cello bags or bottles E-9  
Exhibit 22

Broadcasting of Sanjeevini - Distance Healing E-10  
Exhibit 22A Broadcasting of Sanjeevinis to  a Patient at any distance Ch 3-22 Sec 3.10.2
Exhibit 23

Storage of Selected Sanjeevini Combination Samples
Exhibit 24

Uses of the Neutralisation Card E-10  
Exhibit 25

Preparing Sai Sanjeevini Tonic in Water using the Sanjeevini Combination Sheet for SSC 70 E-10  
Exhibit 26

Sai Sanjeevini Combination Sheet E-11  
Exhibit 27

Sai Sanjeevini Healing Worksheet E-12