SSC 31 Pus & Drawing Combination  

SSC No Combination for  BPS, DS & SSC Combinations included

SSC 31

Pus & Drawing


(Basic Combination)

SSC 70    Sai Sanjeevini Tonic Combination +
SSC 22    Gland Combination +
DS 46      Drawing Sanjeevini +
DS 68      Infection Sanjeevini +
DS 70      Inflammation Sanjeevini
DS 50      Fever & Flu Sanjeevini +

SSC 31 (a)

Boils and Abscesses

SSC 31    Pus & Drawing Combination +
DS 21      Boils Sanjeevini +
Add relevant Sanjeevini for Body part where the problem is located. 

SSC 31 (b)


SSC 31    Pus & Drawing Combination +
SSC 21    Fevers Combination +
DS 98      Polio Sanjeevini +
DS 185    Vaccine Antidote sanjeevini

SSC 31 (c)


SSC 31    Pus & Drawing Combination +
DS 53      Fistula Sanjeevini +
BPS 40    Rectal Sanjeevini

SSC 31 combination can be used for drawing out foreign particles (in the eye or ear or say any other part of the body), as well as pus and putrid matter. Please study the Note below very carefully.

Pus in any part of the body - be it a boil, a lump, a gland, a tumour, discharging ears, blocked sinuses, chronic acne conditions, deteriorating eye-sight, fistula or fissures - all these are indications that there is too much putrid matter in the body. If these conditions are not dealt with naturally or if they are ignored or suppressed, they could grow "backwards" into our bodies and become calcified tumours in various organs including the brain.

Note : The Pus & Drawing combination, we are finding, does not necessarily draw out from the local site of the boil or abscess but instead allows the body to choose the best avenue for throwing out - which could be bowels, kidneys, nose etc.

It is best to give this combination for 24 hours and then evaluate to see if the boil or abscess is getting bigger or smaller. If it has shrunk then you do not need to provide a "dressing" to the local site. But if it has become bigger and more angry looking, a dressing with the bread and milk poultice will speed up the drawing out process. The dressing must continue until all the putrid matter has been drawn out.

Bread and Milk Poultice
: Heat a few tablespoons of milk. Turn off the heat. Immediately add 1/2 to 1 slice of white bread to the milk. Allow the bread to soak the milk. While still slightly warm, squeeze out the surplus milk. Cup the bread in the palm of one hand. In the center of this add one teaspoon of white sugar. Apply this whole mass to the abscess or boil so that the sugar touches the area where the "head" is likely to form.

Cover with a thick wad of cotton wool followed by a large piece of gauze. Hold it in place with a bandage if convenient - otherwise use sticking plaster. Until the abscess opens up (it takes 1-3 days usually), the dressing needs to be done once a day. Once the boil or abscess has opened up, you may need to dress the wound twice a day or as soon as the dressing is wet. At each dressing wash with salt-water solution. Do not rub the wound - just soak a wad of cotton with the salt and squeeze the water on to the wound. Wipe gently with wet cotton only around the wound taking care not to touch the open wound. Touching the would interferes with the healing which is taking place. Continue with the dressing until swelling and the hard redness around the wound has disappeared. When the swelling disappears you can switch to a simple dressing of R-30 ointment (see SSC 26 Injury combination for details).