SSC 33 Skin Problems Combination  

SSC No Combination for  BPS, DS & SSC Combinations included

SSC 33

Skin Problems     


(Basic Combination)

SSC 70    Sai Sanjeevini Tonic Combination +
SSC 12     Cleansing & Kidney Combination +

BPS 44    Skin Sanjeevini   +
BPS 49    Thyroid Sanjeevini +
DS 68      Infection Sanjeevini     

SSC 33 (a)

Psoriasis (and all types of Itching even if it is not psoriasis)

SSC 33    Skin Problems Combination +
DS 103    Psoriasis Sanjeevini +

SSC 33 (b)


SSC 33   Skin Problems Combination +
DS 47     Eczema Sanjeevini

SSC 33 (c)

Fungal infection (including ringworm ,Dhobi's itch, Barber's rash)

SSC 33   Skin Problems Combination +
DS 147   Fungal Infection (all) Sanjeevini
DS 142  Worms & Parasites Sanjeevini +

 (Please see note below)

SSC 33 (d)

Urticaria (Pitthi/Hives)

Please see SSC 2 (b) under Allergies Combin.

SSC 33 (e)


SSC 33    Skin Problems Combination +
DS 139    Warts Sanjeevini +

SSC 33 (f)

Leucoderma (Vitiligo - white pigmentation on the skin)

SSC 33   Skin Problems Combination +
SSC 27   Liver Combination
DS 74     Leucodarma Sanjeevini

SSC 33 (g)

Herpes Zoaster (Shingles)

SSC 33  Skin Problems Combination +
DS 62    Herpes Zoaster Sanjeevini +
BPS 36  Nervous System Sanjeevini +
DS 29     Chicken Pox Sanjeevini +

SSC 33 (h)

Herpes Simplex

SSC 33  Skin Problems Combination +
DS 148  Herpes Simplex Sanjeevini 

SSC 33 (i)


SSC 33   Skin Problems Combination +
DS 150   Scabies Sanjeevini

Note : The skin is a secondary excretory organ. Any skin condition indicates that the primary excretory organs i.e. Kidneys are clogged up. Anything other than health food (the Diet and Lifestyle section describes this) could aggravate this condition and make the condition worse if corrective steps are not taken at the level of diet and lifestyle.

Neem:Most skin ailments are also immensely helped by washing the relevant parts in Neem (margosa) water (prepared by boiling 8 to 10 neem leaves in 1 1/2 cups of water for 5 minutes). If neem does not grow in your part of the world, take some with you from India. The leaves can be dried in the shade and stored indefinitely. They are light to carry and available in plenty all over India. Do not usee so called patented need ointments - the "wholistic" effect is lost - only the active ingredient is extracted leaving you open to possible reactions. Only nature provides everything in balance.

Please add other Sanjeevinis as required:

SSC 33 (c) Fungal infection - including ringworm, Dhobi's itch, Barber's rash

This can be used for all kinds of fungal infections including Candida. Combine it with the relevant combinations or Sanjeevinis - for example - SSC 20 Female Combination for candida or other fungal infection of the female reproductory tract; Use BPS 32 Mouth Sanjeevini for thrush in the mouth and so on. When made up in water, it may also be used as an external application, mouth wash, or douche.

Diet plays a big role in fungal infections. Animal products, sugar (this includes all sweets), so-called "soft" drinks - must all be avoided. Do not combine fruits with anything else - eat them on a completely empty stomach only.

Fungal infections are also immensely helped by washing the relevant parts in Neem. Please see the note on Neem above.

SSC 33 (f) Leucoderma (Vitiligo - white pigmentation on the skin)

Try giving up or at least minimizing all "white" foods for some time to see the difference - especially milk, yoghurt (curds), cottage cheese (paneer), all sweets made with milk.

SSC 33 (g) Herpes Simplex

May be used for genital herpes or recurring cold sores. Combine with the relevant Combinations SSC 29 Male Problems or SSC 20 Female Problems Combination. Use as an external application too.

SSC 33 (h) Scabies

For local application prepare the Sanjeevinis in water and apply as a lotion. Please see the note on Neem above.