SSC 41 Anorexia Combination  

SSC No Combination for  BPS, DS & SSC Combinations included

SSC 41


(loss of appetite)

(Basic Combination)

SSC 70   Sai Sanjeevini Tonic Combination +
SSC 27   Liver Problems Combination

DS 8      Anorexia  Sanjeevini
DS 193  Fear Sanjeevini





This problem is invariably due to mental and psychological reasons. People suffering from this disorder have an irrational fear of gaining weight and are obsessed with wanting to look slim. Because of this they deliberately kill their appetite. They are constantly checking their weight and are looking at their figure in the mirror. We have known girls who are skinny and slim but absolutely convinced that they are fat and therefore they must starve themselves more.

The disorder is predominantly found in young girls and women (very rarely in boys or men).

Early warning signs of the obsession can be noticed even in 10 year old girls. The child is most likely being exposed to an environment of friends and family who equate slimness with beauty and self-esteem.

The prayer in this Sanjeevini is to remove this irrational mental perception in the person and for the person to lead a normal healthy life focused on developing one’s innate creative potential.